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a while ago, i believe i read an article someone shared here about escaping social media, and how mastodon is a kind of black hole, and how citizens of the internet have a sort of responsibility to voice their opinion. 1000 appreciate if somebody has a clue about this article and can give me a link

ive been really unable to focus on productivity timekeeping ever since i saw other people do it, and so ive learned its not really my thing

but maybe ill make a really simple log that will track activity (work, play, mindful resting) vs passivity (time wasting, brain-off resting)

Does anyone know what this style of shading/hatching is called? and where i could possibly find out more?

its characterized by using the contrast of hatch mark stroke thickness to show a gradient of values. although its so hyperstylized that i would assume that each hatch mark is drawn as a shape.

i have typed "why is medium bad" into my search engine and i have read some material about it

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can someone explain to me the "medium is bad" angle and what i should use/do as an alternative?

what im taking away from this is that even in devops, failure is a great teacher and having your fortress crumble is still a valuable experience to have, and at least i should be a good sport about it (take security seriously and not personally) if/when it does happen in the future

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the attack is the first time a an attack has made me feel uneasy...

as a budding devops about to graduate im kind of freaked out (i had fantasies of being on the red team but im joining the workforce as blue team)


sourced from @fribbledom

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