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what im taking away from this is that even in devops, failure is a great teacher and having your fortress crumble is still a valuable experience to have, and at least i should be a good sport about it (take security seriously and not personally) if/when it does happen in the future

the attack is the first time a an attack has made me feel uneasy...

as a budding devops about to graduate im kind of freaked out (i had fantasies of being on the red team but im joining the workforce as blue team)


sourced from @fribbledom


a poster for my thesis project (sort of a hook to get people interested in reading more)

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UX Prototyping World: *literally dozens of cross platform prototyping tools to choose from*

Me, a Windows User: "iCloud Keynote Online is basically baby Sketch."

thought about this some more, i think i will slowly make the switch back to Nuxt. My Purity site renders scripts, which I want to start cutting down on, and a JS framework doesn't necessarily render scripts

saw this in class today:

my heart hurts and is heavy with thoughts about the relationship between humans and technology


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