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Finding my path.

Mostly web frontend, some backend, piano beginner. Here to learn and share.

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Spent the afternoon outside in the heat sanding the edges of hundreds of these oak blocks. Going to paint them up and give them to my nieces and a friend’s (upcoming) kid. :)

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@neauoire I understand now, color and light on a boat are just that good on their own. <3

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Hi everyone!
I'm Tilman, and I'm currently studying Computer Science in London, UK.
I'm mostly a programmer, with my focus in games, but I'm exploring other interests as well, like music, woodworking, or whatever else catches my attention at the moment.

Excited to be here, and to see what everyone else is up to!

I’m quite happy to be working on a public web project instead of internal tool. Could even convince a project manager performance matters.

Quickly testing different layouts for a component. Love to be able to see them all together

Do you know any worthy course platforms? Want to avoid giving out outrageous fees and keep costs fixed.

Has anyone ever tried doing programming "screencasts" where the video is actually dynamic HTML people can copy and whatnot?

Shift, CapsLock, and Tab keys all failing on my MacBook Pro 2017. How is that happened I have no idea. I barely use the embedded keyboard.

I’ve been inspired by Edward Tufte’s ideas on good presentations. Currently planning my next talk, with much better slides and handouts for attendees. Maybe this is the year I give a talk in English?

Today was one of those days when I thought I was done with work only to get caught by a production bug.

Completely destroys my creativeness and willingness to work on my side projects.

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I got laid off this week. If you need someone to write, edit, or do 3d art I am available. Or you can support me directly via Patreon.

Finding my path.

Mostly web frontend, some backend, piano beginner. Here to learn and share.

Using Apple Music to avoid data hungry Spotify, but iTunes is so laggy. Maybe I should be using something else.

Late afternoon run. Running outside is so much better than the treadmill

Came to the conclusion that unless you have to build something dealing with graphics, audio or complex data visualization, you are most probably building a website not a webapp.

And the kind of tools that make sense to build one or another are incredibly different.

Played with Elixir today, gotta learn those backend skills. I feel I put too much focus on frontend in the past five years.

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"Dry Run", a funny surreal animation by Felix Colgrave (of Double King fame):


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