So I was watching some tutorials of touchdesigner and I'm wondering... it is not exactly programming like one would in processing or similar. But the outcome is very nice. It kind of frustrates me that things done in touchdesigner get so much more attention than others... its like doing fotoshop for algorithms.... anyone here with similar feelings?

@neauoire Hey, I found your decimal clock on github. I tried to install it on my mac but it won't start because the build_osx file is missing. Am I doing something wrong?

why haven't I been using fish-shell way earlier?!

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Back in my high school years, one of my teachers said to me that «she didn't know what I was doing studying computing». It took a long time to realize that she really hurt me. Subconsciously, that phrase pushed me away from anything code related.

Merveilles shows me everyday that computing is so interesting in many ways, and that we can learn so many things together... and that she was wrong.

It takes a lot of time to mend broken spirit. Being part of this community really helps.

Thank you.

I was experimenting with Processing vectors today and made a little eclipse...

Travelling by train wearing a mask is much worse than I thought...

Hey, I'm huxel, based in germany and studying medical informatics. I stumbled upon this lovely instsance when discovering ORCA and devine on youtube. So my interests are making music and generative art and arts in general. maybe one day I'll have the courage to publish something :D thanks you @somnius for the invite! It is such an inspiring place right here.


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