I just realized I haven't posted in a little while. 😅

Bad news - I'm tired.
Good news - I lost my job.
Great news - Found a new job.

Next (extra small) project - a simple URL shortener.
I'll also write a guide while I'm at it since the best way to learn something is to teach it.

One type of people you need to either avoid like the plague or be able to defend yourself against - people who are word manipulators or sophists.

This is a skill I have yet to master, and today's hearing at work highlighted the importance of learning it ASAP.

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It's that time of the year again: I'm looking for contract Web work, starting next month.

I've been building stuff for the Web since the mid-90s, and while I mostly work with Ruby, Rails, and JavaScript these days, I quickly find my feet in new languages and frameworks. I believe in listening, asking questions, and testing my code.

I would like to work with a friendly, inclusive org that aims to do good. If you have any leads, please hit me up! Boosts very welcome.

Might need to be looking for a new job once more.
Let's just say my employer makes no sense.

An interesting collection of links containing zettelkastens and wikis.


This should be fun... I remember nothing about Ruby anymore 😂

This may be a futile endeavour, but I'm thinking of rewriting Saisho in Ruby ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Wife: Let's go play video games
Me: Sure!
Also me: *continues coding while wife plays*

I will probably release the microblog functionality I was writing about tomorrow (standalone) along with a guide to use it in Saisho.

While testing out the submission form thing, I made images work :)

I think I'm just going to make a simple HTML page with a form to create new microblog entries. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Sometimes things in $dayjob make no sense and it just frustrates me.

I would love for someone that knows PHP well (as in way better than me) to help me go over my code.

I always have this feeling that anything I code looks like it was made by a 5 year old.

Added a couple of words now that I've finished coding the microblog functionality.


Microblog is live!

I'll write a bit more about it in the microblogging article I've posted a couple of days ago.

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