Quick question: is your day job aligned with your professional goals? Or are you doing what pays money but pursuing professional development while off the clock?

Little demo of backlinks in personal wiki.
Backlinks are checked and saved in simple txt files when a document is saved.

Apologies for the vertical video.


Fucking hell this took me a while, but somehow the backlinks are working!

Now I just need to parse properly (a href them).

Figured out how to deal with backlinks. Will implement tomorrow. Brain capacity is potato at 12:46 AM.

lape pona sina mute!

Is there anything you guys recommend to read in the style of "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck" by Mark Manson?

My personal wiki is missing a cross-linking functionality between the pages (think zettelkasten or mind garden thing) and I have no idea how to do it efficiently and properly with the way it works now. :<

I sense another refactor coming...

Having recently created my own personal knowledge base from scratch, my new workplace is infuriating.

There is no internal KB. You're expected to search through an abused tag system in the support software for past support tickets and use the documentation geared towards your users.

What kind of back asswards system is this?

Small project time.
Suteba (捨場) is a simple requestbin/dump written in PHP.


I'm just throwing a question out there: When coding in PHP (or any language, really), do you adhere to any coding standards? Do you "optimize" your code? Or do you just keep everything as is as long as it works?

@sir I'd love to hear your opinion on this since you hate JavaScript

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I just saw the 2-3 bug, fixed with [0-9-\/.] group instead of \d 😂

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Another small addition to my personal wiki - ingredient parser for recipes :)

Really tempted to make editor.js (editorjs.io/) work with Markdown.

After a brief battle with Git (Hey, I'm still learning!), changes have been pushed and now Saisho Mk.2 is online!

Check it out:
Sourcehut - git.sr.ht/~hxii/saisho
Github - github.com/hxii/saisho
Demo - sho.glushak.net/

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