If anyone would like to give diary.by a try, here are a couple of invite codes:



Always happy to get feedback! :)

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Saisho v3 is live and I immediately see issues 🤣
It's quick though! 0xff.nu/why-saisho

Parsing Markdown myself sure is challenging

It works! The new, completely rewritten, version of Saisho is actually working :)

Now using a proper template and a DIY Markdown parser (not as advanced as Parsedown, for example, but it's mine!).

I have to admit, Layer 3 took me longer than it should have due to a certain amount of manual labor.

Today I realized I haven't been active for a while. It's been quite an exhausting period of time. Pardon.

I tried to omit using algorithms to find a string diff after finding the XOR method... it kinda works, but it's not accurate enough. :(

Guess I still need to learn that algorithm.

Unfortunately I'm too stupid to understand longest common subsequence and edit distance 😐

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