Now that the invite system is working, I figured I might share an invite link if anyone wants to help me test out the social network thing I'm making 😎

Updated design for the social network thing.

Hoping to put an emphasis on textual conversation, readability and friendliness.

Threw a couple of sample rules for the anti-spam thing up on my wiki:

The filtering proved itself today! \o/

Anyone wants to help me test out and provide feedback/ideas for the social network thing I'm making? :)

Fellow Merveillians, I am currently developing a small, text only, social network thing as a project and a challenge to myself.

Think of it as being of similar format and vibe to guestbooks or shoutboxes of days past.

In your opinion, what is important to have in such a social network to be useful for *you*?

Perhaps this is a fruitless venture, but my new project/challenge is coming along nicely :)

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Mastodon admins: has anyone else been seeing a ton of 500 errors coming from I'm seeing a ton of dead jobs in Sidekiq related to this, and I'm trying to debug why some users can't upload media on my instance

I don't even know anymore... 😂
I'm re-writing the KMS project:

I was wondering if the Merveilles hivemind might have some input about this: I'm trying to add entry IDs to my microblog in a TWTXT-compatible format so that conversations/replies/followups can be created.

Assuming the ID is: b4180b

Should I just use preceding the text, or something that doesn't get parsed by other clients like id:b4180b ?
Maybe fully parse it to a markdown link, i.e. [](https://website/?id=b4180b) ?

The basics for the twtxt/picoblog client are working: I can download multiple feeds and aggregate them, so now, microblog aside, I can actually follow people :)

The first step for the UI for my microblog (; instead of using API/cURL.
Should make it possible to send new entries through my phone.
Logic will be done tomorrow.. it's already 11PM D:

Very excited to share this silly experiment/project with you guys.

Text Summarization. It was definitely interesting!

It's time to continue work on the personal KB. Came up with auto-tagging for the text. These should make articles easier to find in the KB even without tagging them manually.

As a test, I processed this text:

I believe this would work :)

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Few years ago I took a class on how to pastiche 80s ad airbrush style digitally and promptly started making a series about my favorite 80s computers.

I started with the c64, followed by a macintosh. Then stopped. Couldn't get myself to continue. I figured out why. I dislike the c64 piece. The composition is stale and there's a giant mistake front and center.

Today I decided to redo it. It's still WIP, but I'm having fun working on this series for the 1st time in years 🙂

Telegram is about to get a bunch of new users.

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