I feel like I need this. This is going to be on my skin on Monday

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fresh tattoo 

First tattoo I did on someone on the left, healed but just got some touch-ups, with it's fresh new companion on the right. Thanks @voidxwitch for the trust and the cool tattoo ideas :3

I'm not going to do it, but the thought of creating a twitter-style microblog service crossed my mind more than once.
I mean, I worked on something similar before.

I wish more services were this simple.

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Viewing password protected entries works, but now I have a question:

Would you expect your visitors to enter the password to view password protected entries once (saved as a temporary cookie) or every single time?

I want to streamline Diary.by further.

To login (and register) to diary.by, would you prefer to:

This is something I'm always hesitant to do, as I never trust my code to be "good enough".

The base "framework" of
Diary.by is available on GitHub and will be updated as I work on it further. 😎


Please share!🔥

Website owners - you want to get comments from your visitors, right? Do you also want visitors to be able to reply on each others' comments or are you just looking to get direct feedback from your audience?

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I made myself a Sublime Text syntax hilighter for Kaku markup. Way easier to read now. :)

So... I bought a (another) new domain... Now I just need to come up with the product 😂

A couple of visual tweaks have been made to diary.by .
I'm thinking the new logo looks more... professional :)

Last week I figured out that Notes.cx was missing a small, but much needed feature...

Notes.cx now supports secret notes! These notes will be removed from the database once read.


Hey guys, am I dumb for adding this method or does something like this really not exist in PHP:

public static function cc(...$vars) {
foreach ($vars as $var) {
if (!is_null($var) && !empty($var)) return $var;
return '';

I was given a home assignment that contained debugging an app written in React and Node.js... as someone who only knows PHP (and some JS), why does everything have to be so damn complicated?

Hey guys, sharing this here first before I launched it publicly: Diary.by registration is open! 🥳

If you or someone you know needs a place for their blog, code, thoughts or rants you're more than welcome to try out Diary.by - diary.by/register

I'm always open to feedback and suggestions! 😃

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