Thinking about adding a microblog feature to Saisho (or at least to my own website).

Think it'd be nice to distinguish between langform articles and serious stuff to the rants and quick shares.

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@hxii you just gave me an idea for how to handle microblogging... might try it too.

@thomasorus awesome! I thought about using a tag, and then filtering by it. Dunno exactly yet.

@hxii I thought about a text file where each line is a microblog entry. Forces to be short and concise and easy to parse lol. Allows editing on the go from a phone for example.

@thomasorus @hxii It's what I did with my dirty fork of the now defunct Hallway: (and it was great for posting and editing from anywhere, but I grew tired of it a few weeks ago.)

@thomasorus @hxii It slowly started to feel like a chore to update it daily, but it's because I was using it as a kind of (very inaccurate) time tracker/microblog hybrid. It was interesting but it felt a bit pointless after one year, so I switched to a looser, slower weekly format.

@thomasorus @hxii Also the fact it was JavaScript only felt a bit limited, I wanted to try a static website generator, so for now I'm using Eleventy. But it was pretty cool nonetheless, if you feel inspired I'd be curious to see what you come up with.

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