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Hey I want to collect a list of resources for #ethical #WebDesign #html #css #js #sustainability #a11y etc etc pls reply with your favorites and also pls boost.

For curiosity's sake, I asked them if they are seriously offering a $2/h job. Let's see.

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@neauoire I'm trying to get used to using RSS. Both my own and reading others'.

@ciel clamp is magic. I used a minmax "hack" but should probably switch to clamp as well.

@uonai this is such a cool interface! Feels kind of retro futuristic to me

New personal project: todo.txt interface in PHP.

Currently, to create a new post with Saishō I have to SSH into the machine to create it or upload via SFTP. This is far from ideal.

Besides GitHub sync (or similar), which other, more comfortable ways exist to streamline this process?

I could always code a small GUI for post submission, but that will require some security and such.

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@irimi1 Definitely. It usually ends up in a mess for me.

Taking notes is a skill I still have to learn.

@marcozehe @doenietzomoeilijk this may be a bit of a shameless plug, but I've made a small and simple semi-static website engine called Saishō.
It's pretty basic, but the files are pure MD and you can upload them via FTP or edit them through the shell.

I'm constantly improving it while learning and trying to keep it simple.

@neauoire would love to have something like this for Windows

May just do the same thing I do with pages. If filectime is over a value, regenerate the file.

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The latest addition to Saishō is RSS feed generation. Still broken, but I'll figure it out.

Also not yet sure how to generate it in a timely manner aside from CRON.

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Updated the webring to work entirely without javascript, added feed filtering in CSS!

I had to scratch my head a bit for this one..

@royniang yeah it was supposed to be big for the desktop. Guess I'll add some media queries 😄

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