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If you, by some miracle, have checked out Saishō (or even using it), I just pushed an update that fixes some bugs and adds some sorting, filtering and Parsedown Extra.

Having been busy today, I didn't have much time to invest into Saishō.

Managed to fix some issues and create two sorting methods: by date and by title.

Next will probably be filtering.

I am proud (and scared) to share the initial commit with you guys:

Would love to hear some opinions!

I know it's far from being perfect, or even good for that matter. BUT! This is a learning experience.

This makes me so happy! Very basic right now, but it does what I wanted it to:
Take MD files in a folder, create HTML according to template and serve. Rinse and repeat once too old.

The entire thing, sans config and Parsedown is 4599 bytes of mostly undocumented code. 😀

Saishō Day 1 - Despite writing spaghetti code (I'll get better, don't worry!) I've managed to get my "static website engine" to read and write cached HTML files, parse content (MD is using Parsedown) and use a, albeit very basic, template. Fun!

Note: Saisho is a temp name.
Note 2: 0.499ms for cached document, 2.646ms to parse, store and show document.

Anyone knows of a better/faster/newer MD parser for PHP aside of Parsedown?

Now that I've got some free time, I should make something new :)

Beginnings of a "static website" engine.

Seeing as I was fired, I decided to "redesign" my web CV.
Would love to know what fedi has to say about it :)

(pardon the messy code; WIP)

Today was the second time in my life that I was fired (supposedly due to COVID-19).

Time for a new adventure.

μ.2 is an iteration on the μ theme for Bludit I posted a couple of days ago.

Demo -

Would love to hear what people think :)

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if your website requests that I disable my ad blocker and tracking protection then your site is not worth visiting

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Finished it ⭐ 🖥️

Painting over the 3d render is so much fun. I could do it for hours, but at some point you have to call it done.

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First look at my HDR Skybox generator. Still super early stages, but lots of pieces are starting to come together!

This was supposed to be the new design to replace my current website design. Couldn't bring myself to do it. I love both.

Guess I'll just keep it for that inevitable time when I'll get bored with the current design.

I find it very interesting how adding subtle animations can make even a minimal design look more friendly.

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A really useful tool for tweaking terminal emulator colour schemes is

I don't think this is going to get any smaller.
331 bytes removed. Total is 707 bytes gzipped.

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