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Humble beginnings :)

P.s. Anyone got a name suggestion for this?

Are there any better MD editors than EasyMDE that I can use?
I mean an embeddable one.

Shigoto now has basic task time tracking! One more step to self-organization :)

Having never properly and seriously used personal wikis or notes apps (just plain old pen and paper), I began toying with the idea of creating one.

What do you think of this layout? I honestly don't know what other stuff is needed in a personal note/wiki app.

Seeing all this talk about personal wikis (and trying to organize my own life a bit) - I kinda want to make my own. Question is if I should bother.

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I managed to progress on the second version of my parser (and I named it Kaku because it's simple and I find the intonation to be cute) but I have mixed feelings about it. It has bugs and shortcoming, the code is a mess and I'm starting to feel tired of working on it. I like my syntax but I overestimated my capacity at doing this kind of stuff and now I feel depressed.

Demo if you want to try it:

Very happy to share Shigoto with you guys - a todo.txt manager and parser made in PHP.

It's kind of basic, but it works (I think).

So after the Bludit theme I was commissioned to do fell through, it's now available publicly for everyone to use:

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Immersive retro-OS style website with summer 80's vibes.

Looks like it's a Vue js app under the hood. Just a blank screen if you have JS disabled.

CW: auto-plays music after you click in, and I'm not sure if every random video clip is appropriate for all audiences.

Trying to figure out a somewhat secure login way with PHP before I git push the todo.txt parser (Shigoto). (Otherwise I (and you) would have to rely on nginx auth_basic).

Shigoto is working, mostly. Most basic features are working. No sorting yet :(

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Pretty sure I'm using dotgrid incorrectly. Any logo I try and make turns out too complicated 😂

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hey just a friendly reminder that i'm dumb as fuck and software development is dumb as fuck and everyone that does it is dumb as fuck and everyone who hires anyone that does it is dumb as fuck. we're all dumbfucks. some of us just have slightly more experience in certain parts of the dumbfuckery. don't worry about being perfect with your code just do it and learn from it

I have no idea how I'm going to use it just yet, but progress has been made on a todo.txt parser :)

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Hey I want to collect a list of resources for #ethical #WebDesign #html #css #js #sustainability #a11y etc etc pls reply with your favorites and also pls boost.

For curiosity's sake, I asked them if they are seriously offering a $2/h job. Let's see.

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