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Just a little bit about making my own personal knowledge management system :)

sin pali mi open la tenpo lili. mi pilin pona!

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The Frog is Out! I think this is our most fun game yet, it's free on itch, so go, unlock all the secrets and let us know what you think


Without using JS I had to upload image -> process (rename and move) -> apply MD image to page content -> save page content -> load page again.

Was thinking to do AJAX but probably won't happen.

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It's hacky and looks weird, but image upload now works!

Looking for notes/research regarding personal knowledge management in order to expand my understanding of how to do this thing better.

Anyone know of anything that might help?

Another step for my wiki to becoming a second brain: related documents! I just need to continue adding more information to it.

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Fortunæ codebase is now open for Alpha release. Tested on Windows, soon to be Linux and Mac. Feel free to PR.

Also removed the need to set things like title and date (taken from body and filectime, respectively) in order to make process of creating documents easier on a mobile device.

Next up to be removed is filenames which will, probably, be set to datetime or some sort of hash.

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So, In preparation for a way to sync personal knowledge documents (maybe Dropbox?), I figured using "[[attribute]] value" for header info might be bad.

So now I'm parsing fake "YAML" instead. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Watch "Brandon - Real To Me (featuring SJBRAVO)" on YouTube 

Now my personal wiki lives on the web and is usable on a phone! ᕦ[ ◑ □ ◑ ]ᕤ

Still plenty of things to do to get to the level where I need it to be, but I love it so far.

Another day, another improvement.
Internal links now work in my wiki using a {{@page-slug:optional title}} format.

Still researching knowledge management methodologies like zettelkasten to try and find the best way to do this thing.

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Broken things and not a lot of content written but this static site generator is done for it's first phase. Now I fall in my bed and sleep.

Weighted search in tags, title and content is now working(ish) for my wiki!

Personal wiki improvements:
- Rewrote some things as OOP.
- Subpages (`[[link]] page:pagename`) now show properly.
- Pages are now sorted alphabetically in lists.
- `[[tags]]` now exists.

I'd love to figure out how to do search, but after reading up on algorithms - this is too much for me.

The best way to become more organized is to make your own tools to do so.

Need to figure out a way to upload images to Saishō. Maybe just use ShareX to upload to FTP but that's kinda meh

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