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Hey gang— I'm Ian. I'm a polymath whose work is primarily writing, photography, and film. I'm based out of Chicago, and love to travel and explore.

• I'm working on a novel
• I love learning, and am always exploring a new topic or field
• Currently studying Japanese, so 「よろしくおねがいします!」

You can find my work here—
words —
photos —
email —

Thanks for having me!

Hey guys! I wrote a piece for the LA Review of Books about a novel called EASTERN SPAN, by writer Rick Paulas. Rick self-published this book and got it printed out of pocket, then donated over half of his stock to street newspaper vendors experiencing homelessness in Oakland, for them to sell for any price they wanted, and to keep all proceeds from. It's the piece I'm most proud of, would really appreciate a read and sharing it if you'd like!

@neauoire Hey, I'm going to send you a PM, Slack cool?

Hey friends! Been away for a long long time, but gonna try and get reconnected here and in the slack.

Also, I'm starting a Patreon for some of the bigger projects I want to work on this year, like two podcasts, a photo series, and longer-form writing.

$3/month gets you everything, which right now is parts 1 + 2 of a photography guide I wrote, and a series of wallpapers for your computer and phone, all 1440p.

Check it out:

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Hey Merveilles Town!

I just wanted to share that I'm launching my own newsletter: Errata Exist.

I'll be writing about things like software development and self improvement.

If that sounds interesting, you can subscribe to it here:

Shout out to @ian for inspiring me through their newsletter!

I went down to the lake today to shoot some photos of the ice built up there. Don't do much on a tripod so this was a bit of a change of pace for me.

Sorry I've been afk for a while! Looking to get back into the swing of things here.

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Wonderful drone for concentration, heavy with nature recordings.

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@ian I am full of ignorance waiting to be rectified by beauty

Part of my interest with Japanese is in it being the language with the longest literary tradition. It's so well constructed for it, too, with the vast shades of meaning that can be conveyed through the difference in kanji selection, grammar structure, etc. Just a language with a lot of nuance, especially written.

Updated my photography website's design and URL, just cleaned some things up a bit.

One of the first websites I've written the code for in a long time.

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More Ableton fuckery. I still have no idea what I'm doing, but I know a little more than before.

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@tbd I really the look, but I got hung up on how to represent multiple depths.

First little beat I made in Ableton. Just messing around, but I'm starting to get a better grasp of the concepts Ableton wants me to institute.

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