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Hey gang— I'm Ian. I'm a polymath whose work is primarily writing, photography, and film. I'm based out of Chicago, and love to travel and explore.

• I'm working on a novel
• I love learning, and am always exploring a new topic or field
• Currently studying Japanese, so 「よろしくおねがいします!」

You can find my work here—
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photos —
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Thanks for having me!


Shot some snow outside my kitchen window.

Hugely excited to be at the start of this journey, back into music. I feel like endless possibilities await me. I've got a ton of melodies and sounds kicking around my head I'm excited to get onto paper.

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I have the exact same daily routine as Ursula K. Le Guin’s.

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Got the chance today to interview a cinematographer friend of mine at a coffee shop to hear about his process and work. Really interesting stuff. Always cool to watch people articulate something that's largely intuitive for them, and to hear an expert speak about their craft.

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Today's my birthday. I wrote a bit about the past year, even though I didn't hit many of the goals I set out for myself.

It would be really cool for you to subscribe today, if you're not already, and you like my writing! I don't send these out too often to be annoying, and I try to be interesting!

I think I need to treat videogames more like books. I know I don't do well trying to read multiple books at once, so why do I let myself play multiple games at once?

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How did we let the Web get to this point. All I wanted to do was read this blog post.
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On the screenshot it's the collapsed view without the sidebar. This is what the full width looks like @dualhammers

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@ian I'm not sure how well that translate into english but have you ever heard of Oulipo?

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