Since we are all makers here who value good tools. What keyboards do you guys use? Do you program them?

Keyboards are a passion of mine as they are the main interface to the wonders of computers so it makes sense to invest in using a keyboard that you love and can program to do what you want. I myself use the new macbook’s keyboards as I love the low key travel. And I program all keys on the keyboard into custom modifiers with Karabiner.

What about you? ⌨

@nikivi @neauoire

I'm using a backlit Pok3r (Cherry MX Red)! DSA/PBT keycaps, 40A-L O-Rings (but I'll try the 40A-R soon).

I can't wait to try some new mechanical, low profile config. I used to love Apple's butterfly keyboards too, but bottoming out on such short travel eventually started to disintegrate my tendons :(


@lucaorio @nikivi @neauoire Really nice! Here's my Pok3r with Clears. I've switched the caps lock and control key to mirror the HHKB, my dream keyboard.

I've programmed a handful of shortcuts in, like moving arrows to FN + WASD, moving the media keys to the number row, and a few extras.

@ian @lucaorio @nikivi @neauoire I really want to build a dystopian keyboard. Take old yellowed keys from an old mech, build a case with a steel plate, let it rust deliberately.

@ian @nikivi @neauoire I got so fixated in learning the Pok3r mapping that I've never thought of moving all the media keys to the number row! Haha Thanks for the idea! :)

I think I will never get used to the arrows in other positions, though... I've already tried many times.

@lucaorio @nikivi @neauoire I just like being able to arrow around with my hands on WASD like I'm used to, and my pinky on FN.

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