Finally set up my account here. Thanks to recurse center zulip for reminding me :D

@icco hi Nat, welcome to Merveilles :) Do you know Zach?

@neauoire thanks! I love your work. I know a Zach Allaun and a Zach Maril from RC.

@icco ah! I meant Zach Krall. In any case, welcome around ^__^

@neauoire @icco i think i signed up before merveilles was a thing but i’ve been tempted to apply

@icco What stream did you hear about merveilles in?! I want to join!

@jcmorrow I was just reminded that I hadn't finished the setup of my account here. The thread was about people sharing their mastodon account names:

@icco Ahhh I see. I thought maybe there were more recursers lurking!

@jcmorrow there may be! There are definitely a few recursers in the webring

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