Follow this seems quite heavy weight, but an interesting tool to look at for all of those folks building their own journaling systems.

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@icco First impression:
this could probably be hacked together into some acme commands and plumber entries on Plan 9 (and would probably work somewhat well in plan9port)

@grainloom totally. I have something similar built in JavaScript and Go. I'm more interested to see more products built this way, see how it changes how folks store information.

@icco @grainloom yeeaaah… me too… cuz, uh, i just read their privacy policy and it reads like every other big american company's privacy policy 😞

@icco I've been using it daily for more than a week. It feels really well-designed. Journaling has never been so easy.

The only thing that worries me is the price. It's free right now because it's in beta, but I heard the developer say on Twitter that it could cost around 30 USD per month once it reaches 1.0 and SaaS pricing is turned on.

@aadil woofta, that's a bit steep for a single user.

Thanks for the article! Seems like a great inspiration for an Emacs org-mode workflow. I keep all my notes in interlinked org-text files. Easy to backup or to sync between devices.

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