Have folks done any Ham recording? Been researching Ham SDR, and curious what folks here have done.

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@icco with SDR I've done a lot of recording with RTL SDR and SDR Sharp. Learning SDRUno ATM but haven't recorded much.

For SW DX I did a lot with my 9600GR and Minidisc but it's not as portable as I hoped and the power needed for the minidisc is noisy.

Is there anything in particular you'd like to record?

@stevelord neat! a friend and I were talking about doing a podcast over Ham. I'm a newb but he's been doing this stuff a long time.

@icco oh wow that actually sounds really interesting! You should be able to use some form of CAT control to pipe it out to audio and just use a normal recorder. If you haven't seen it and fancy putting some digital modes in there, you might like Shortwave Radiogram:


@vu3rdd is an expert!

i have always really, really wanted to do SSTV but am not sure how popular it is. i have an RTL-SDR that i want to get up and running - i should finally get certified, i've been meaning to do that for like 5 years now :)

(sorry for probably sending you a lot of notifications ram, kept messing up because i haven't had coffee yet)

@dogstar @icco I am by no means an expert. But I can help you, @icco. One thing is that even without any hardware, you can do some decoding of signals (say FT8 or rather any band for which you can find a WebSDR) by routing the audio signals via pulseaudio or something to the decoder program. For example capture browser audio and give it to WSJT-X and decode FT8.

If you are interesed in HF SDR, I highly recommend getting a Hermes Lite 2. For higher bands, a transverter can help along with it.

@icco This is a very nice websdr located near DC/Virginia and quite good coverage (including broadcast receivers).

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