Have any of you regularly woken up before 6a? I'm thinking of starting my day significantly earlier (I currently wake at 6:45a, thinking of trying 4a). I'm curious about how folks structure their day, what problems they ran into with early start times.

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@icco I woke up at 5am for a few months. It boosted productivity in the morning but the problem was a "I lived too much today" feeling around 2pm.
It was amazing and exhausting at the same time.
As a side note, I was parenting 3yo twins and a 9yo little storm.

@icco some time ago, and for some years, i woke up a little bit before 5am because i had group training/rehearsal at 6am in weekdays (having something like that helped me a lot!)

other times i've tried it, but i found it difficult to counteract the inertia to stay up relatively late.

without enough sleep i couldn't make it

i've met people that are more assertive with their schedules, and they seem to be okay waking up around 4am

i was also around 6:40, but yesterday i started going to ~5:40

@icco I like waking up early, used to do it a lot. But since I'm back somewhere with short daylight hours, I find it too hard to get up without the sun, so I've dropped the habit. In all, I am more productive earlier in the day, as the noise lvl (and distractions) tend to rise as the day goes on. I am overall less productive in winter too, I've realized.
When waking early, I'd usually finish work by lunchtime, and spent the rest of the day cooking, doing maintenance, cycling wtr.

@icco did that on multiple jobs over a decade ago, e.g. when I was part of factory service teams, when I was in parcel delivery and even as part of an IT engineering team – it was awful. Even back at that time (and age) I felt its impact on my health over time.

But it’s surely different if it’s something you decide to do for yourself instead of for a job you don’t particularly like anyway.

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