My work ( is looking to start donating small amounts of money to open source projects that sanctify or save time.

As a common theme of merv is journaling and time tracking, I'd love to hear suggestions from you all.

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1. have you decided on a 'platform' you'll use to do this when you have a choice on the matter? I know of [[opencollective]] but I wonder what else is out there.


2. one thing we want to do with [[fedstoa]] is to run public utility services for the community (fediverse bridging to begin with; hopefully one day search). We don't need money right now but you could donate time instead, if you were ever so inclined :)

@flaneur On 1. right now we're going to use Github. We're talking about other platforms, Patreon & OpenCollective for example, but right now we're keeping it simple.

2. I don't know anything about fedstoa. Where can I read to learn more?


The drawback with Github is probably that you leave out the fraction of the ecosystem that is ideologically not aligned with Github (which is not open source).

@icco one service I dream of having in the agora is one in which you can 'send money' to any given entity, including projects, with only one click; and the platform handles payment routing/resolution without a commission.

@icco that is, the platform "figures it out" for you and the recipient if it can.

I reckon people would donate a lot more without friction. This has possible implications in the effective altruism space.

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