I'm Nat, or icco. I've been building software since the early 2000s. I love building cli and web tools, and spend a lot of time . I try to do everything in the open, so all of my personal code in FOSS, and most of my thoughts are public on subdomains of

When I'm not writing code, I like hiking, fly fishing, reading, writing, and listening to and making music.

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I realize I've been tooting for a while on Merveilles and never wrote an intro. so sorry for the delay... of 12 months or so?

@icco nice to meet you, Nat!

You are/were an SRE, right? I am too :)

@flaneur hi! nice to meet you as well.

Yup! I wrote even :D

My current title doesn't involve SRE, but I'm still deep in that world.

@icco wow, very nice! Thank you for the valuable resource, I didn't about it.

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