I'm Nat, or icco. I've been building software since the early 2000s. I love building cli and web tools, and spend a lot of time . I try to do everything in the open, so all of my personal code in FOSS, and most of my thoughts are public on subdomains of natwelch.com.

When I'm not writing code, I like hiking, fly fishing, reading, writing, and listening to and making music.


I realize I've been tooting for a while on Merveilles and never wrote an intro. so sorry for the delay... of 12 months or so?

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@icco nice to meet you, Nat!

You are/were an SRE, right? I am too :)

@flaneur hi! nice to meet you as well.

Yup! I wrote realworldsre.com even :D

My current title doesn't involve SRE, but I'm still deep in that world.

@icco wow, very nice! Thank you for the valuable resource, I didn't about it.

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