Community blessing of the fields by seven different religious leaders at our community farm. Here's to a great Spring!

Rebuilt and merged my public wiki into it. Still redoing a bunch of content, but I'm happy with the new look. Code at

I shared this on the birdsite a little while ago, but figured I'd share how much money I've made from my two nonfiction computer programming books. Note this is pre-taxes, but just what I get from publishers, and not raw sales.

I view sharing information as the goal, not making money, in these endeavors, but it still shocks me when I look at this chart.

While cleaning up some old tech boxes, I found an old Sony camera, and an HDMI capture device. Set it up as a temp webcam, which was kind of funny because it shows all of the tooling on the screen.

I repurposed an old display and built a little numbers dashboard. I think I'm going to add history spark lines as well. Need to figure out how to mount on my wall.

You can access all of this data as well at

Built a norns shield last night! Lots of fun to play with so far.

Put together a rough housing for my clocks. Not incredibly pretty but makes organizing and displaying them easier.

Built a very basic clock on a rpi zero w. Just using the example python code from pimironi for now, but started porting to Go. My eInk project got much less far, but is drawing text using Go at the very least.

been cooking my own breakfast more lately. Two eggs, a roll, gochujang, ketchup.


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