Built a very basic clock on a rpi zero w. Just using the example python code from pimironi for now, but started porting to Go. My eInk project got much less far, but is drawing text using Go at the very least.

Every time I solder, I feel like a wizard.

Today I'm putting together some raspberry pi pieces to make a simple clock.

I've been working from home, NYC is mostly closed now. I did some volunteer work on projectbaseline.com over the weekend, which helped me channel my anxiety.

Three projects that I'm working on this week to stay positive:
- walls.natwelch.com : building a tool to keep this synced across my workstations now that I've moved off of Dropbox.
- etu.natwelch.com : Restart my work on my time tracker
- Running a D&D campaign on Discord for my friends.

Today in , I'm debating on working on my second book, writing a blog post, continuing fixing my blog, or returning to designing a UI for reportd. Whatever I pick needs to be open to lots of interrupts as my wife is sick with the flu.


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