@ice @jameschip we have an electric mower which works well and is silent. But our real plan is to just turn it all wild. The grass does nothing for us.

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Community blessing of the fields by seven different religious leaders at our community farm. Here's to a great Spring!

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@erinbern@fosstodon.org @josias just in case yall were wondering, i misremembered the function, but here is what I was looking for


referenced in this article


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@slisne would love to see some of the other outcomes! The EVE photos look dope.

Rebuilt natwelch.com and merged my public wiki into it. Still redoing a bunch of content, but I'm happy with the new look. Code at github.com/icco/natwelch.com

@jameschip you can use hash-bangs at top of python or any file to solve this (altho completely agree that binaries are better).

`#! /usr/bin/env python3` on the first line for example.

@neauoire @dualhammers @cblgh in my specific case, no. Phone was optional. But same problem existed for computers, but less severe.

@neauoire @dualhammers I've been forced to upgrade in the past because the phone I'm on no longer is getting security updates, so need to upgrade phone if I want to log into my work accounts.

@ciel oh cool! I just started reading his latest book. Will give your website a try.

I shared this on the birdsite a little while ago, but figured I'd share how much money I've made from my two nonfiction computer programming books. Note this is pre-taxes, but just what I get from publishers, and not raw sales.

I view sharing information as the goal, not making money, in these endeavors, but it still shocks me when I look at this chart.

Writing fiction takes such a complete different headspace than nonfiction did. Kind of amazes me. Requires a lot more work to get into and stay in. Didn't have this issue when I was younger.

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In 2019, pipenv made no releases. Changeset helped them get back on track in 2020, and they stayed on track in 2021. Their first 2022 release just came out. How I did it, in ~15 hours of work: https://harihareswara.net/posts/2020/breaking-release-bottlenecks-what-changeset-can-do/

I also spoke about it at openSUSE: https://media.ccc.de/v/3531-live-rescue-and-renew-a-project

Expanse spoilers maybe 

@flip I think they are prepping to do a second show. The last three books cover the plot line that setup.

@cblgh so great! If you need hosting help or want to move to postgres at any point, let me know. Will hopefully look to see if there are any code contributions I can make tonight :D

So excited for merveilles to grow.

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