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are there any 'dumbphone' (feature phone) users here on the fediverse? which phone do you use and why? whats your preferred phone? how'd you make the switch?

@slab welcome! Always glad to have more new yorkers around :D

@brainwane It was about 30 minutes. I tend not to think of my talks like that, but I guess it was pathos.

Gave a talk at work yesterday to inspire folks about the project we're working on to the whole company. Never done a hype talk like that before, but it seems it was well received! Yay!

But! I did finally write some common Go libraries for me to use, as I saw some consistent problems: github.com/icco/gutil

I also migrated all of my Go apps from Logrus to Zap, which has provided much better logs.

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The real pain though was I also moved from a hand rolled k8s cluster to using Google's new Autopilot GKE k8s cluster, and I ran into so many undocumented hard edges. Part of this caused me to have to rewrite my entire CD pipeline... which still isn't quite done.

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I rewrote code.natwelch.com over the weekend. Moved from ruby I wrote in 2011 to Go, and updated the d3 to v6 from v3.

Better viz and a little faster now which is nice.

Whelp, my wife and I just spent most of March sick with covid. Finally recovering.

One symptom that surprised me was the confusion. The complete inability to think clearly was super weird.

I love slat flip and dot flip displays. hackaday.io/project/18541-dot- is a fun look into a dot flip display

Took Friday and Monday off. Normally I'd take these days off for my birthday and go to a museum or something. Instead I'm trying to get my second book out the door.

... Taking time off of work to do work is something I always feel weird about.

@glyph this message originally angered me because of its wording. A possibly nicer way to say this would have been to remind folks of the instance rules, specifically around wiki.xxiivv.com/site/discourse as listed in merveilles.town/about/more

Cursed Food Thought 

@birdstare oooh, that sounds tasty. Mapo Tofu Taco Salad?

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Learning that people suffering from the storm and blackout in Texas were using the guide in our book Recipes for Disaster to build a rocketstove with which to heat food and water, we've put the directions online here in their entirety:


Please circulate.

@flaneur hi! nice to meet you as well.

Yup! I wrote realworldsre.com even :D

My current title doesn't involve SRE, but I'm still deep in that world.

@flaneur On 1. right now we're going to use Github. We're talking about other platforms, Patreon & OpenCollective for example, but right now we're keeping it simple.

2. I don't know anything about fedstoa. Where can I read to learn more?

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"The guru is not exposed as a liar or a lech, a joker or a thief, but “only” a child laughing in the sun. The seeker’s mistake did not lay in identifying something special in this person, but in believing — hoping — that this specialness had something to do with knowing the truth. Instead, the numinous boils down to an ordinary state of radiant and childlike joy."


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