Decided to try and summarize how the backgrounds of the largest contributors to Golang influenced it's design. Top 10 contributors by lines added are all white men, many worked at Bell Labs, worked on Plan 9, and have PhDs from MIT. I expected this, but was still a bit shocking.

Spent last two days finishing a chapter for my book, as well fixing auth on Next to fix the RSS feed!

@whtrbt it's been years, but I used to play it a lot with friends.

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And the Time page is online, have a look!

Now I can rest... before starting new improvements on Rombun. The ride never ends. :sadlinux:

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Built a norns shield last night! Lots of fun to play with so far.

@thomasorus been going through the same process. Such a weird feeling.

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This thread between @lrhodes & @glyph is giving me life.

I love seeing people share their passion and knowledge, and identifying fungi made me all kinds of nostalgic.

Back in Poland, foraging for mushroom would be a family pastime. We would drive to the forest on the weekend and pick edible mushroom, then make stews, soups or pierogi with them.

I miss that. I moved to US and fungi are all different here - I don't know what's safe to pick. I should change that.

@neauoire As a citizen of NYC, I would love to see more online communities that I'm apart of express their stances on this topic.

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Put together a rough housing for my clocks. Not incredibly pretty but makes organizing and displaying them easier.

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help curl: the user survey 2020 - please run over and fill in your views. We need them! It'll only take you a few minutes.

@luxpris The Go documentation guidelines helped me a lot with this. If a function or type is called by anything in a different package (ie it's public) it needs a comment. Has really upped my ability to come back to my code.

@dualhammers @neauoire @rek @somnius @amatecha @freedcreative thanks folks for the discussion. I had no idea people had strong feelings about this. I am still not clear if textual mentions of cooking with animals and fish are alright.

@neauoire @dualhammers just for clarification, if I had removed the image, would it have been enough? The guidelines at just say "pictures of dead animals".

As this isn't a belief I hold, I'm not sure what's appropriate or not. Trying to gauge by others posts in I see some other uses of eggs and dairy, and a few pictures of ham (but not described in the way I did). Just would appreciate more guidance in the rules. Thanks!

@dualhammers oh interesting, I hadn't thought that applied to food. Fair enough, removed.

Built a very basic clock on a rpi zero w. Just using the example python code from pimironi for now, but started porting to Go. My eInk project got much less far, but is drawing text using Go at the very least.

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