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I've been churning through the Expanse book series lately. On book 7 now, and I love the twists and different styles this series keeps dropping in. Impressive the authors have kept it at this quality for so long. this seems quite heavy weight, but an interesting tool to look at for all of those folks building their own journaling systems.

I like this a lot. Whenever I get rejected by smaller companies, I wish I had the oportunity to show them more of who I am before they reject me based off of a PDF.

I have trouble keeping habits up, but my theory is that if I track them better, I'll keep them more consistently. Does that match with your experiences?

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I see so many people here that produce so many different kinds of cool and creative things and I want to know what the work methodology is to make it happen.

What's everyone's fix for carving out the time when you have several time-intensive interests?

I've been trying to make a habit of committing time each day to web dev, visual art, and music, but it seems inevitable that at least one of them doesn't happen after a while. Life gets busy. What do you do? What's your schedule?

Hah, jokes on me, forgot to reimplement sitemap and rss feeds. whoops.

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Whelp, finally finished my react-hooks migration on Took way longer than expected, but site feels more snappy now I guess? All of the changes are visible at Only real big change is commenting should now be easier.

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At Hundred Rabbits, we want to gradually optimize up our stuff in 2020 to take the least amount of power, to work on the oldest devices and to require the least amount of dependencies.

Today in , I'm debating on working on my second book, writing a blog post, continuing fixing my blog, or returning to designing a UI for reportd. Whatever I pick needs to be open to lots of interrupts as my wife is sick with the flu.

I'm deep in the rabbit hole of changing my blog frontend to use react hooks. Probably going to end up being the largest code change I've done in a while with no graphical change.

Finished my Year in Review today.

One thing I didn't include in my goals is improving my involvement in smaller communities, mainly because I wasn't sure how to quantify it. I have four that I care about... just need to remind myself to stay active in them.

Finally set up my account here. Thanks to recurse center zulip for reminding me :D


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