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I realize I've been tooting for a while on Merveilles and never wrote an intro. so sorry for the delay... of 12 months or so?

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I'm Nat, or icco. I've been building software since the early 2000s. I love building cli and web tools, and spend a lot of time . I try to do everything in the open, so all of my personal code in FOSS, and most of my thoughts are public on subdomains of

When I'm not writing code, I like hiking, fly fishing, reading, writing, and listening to and making music.

My work ( is looking to start donating small amounts of money to open source projects that sanctify or save time.

As a common theme of merv is journaling and time tracking, I'd love to hear suggestions from you all.

One of those days where I'm just too overwhelmed to do anything.

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Anyone interested in an NSynth Super?

I might be building one for a family member, and it would make sense to buy components for couple more to get up to MOQ on the PCB etc. EU shipping only.

I could probably provide them fully-assembled but also as some kinds of kits if anyone wants that. Let me know in DM or reply, RTs appreciated too! :)

While cleaning up some old tech boxes, I found an old Sony camera, and an HDMI capture device. Set it up as a temp webcam, which was kind of funny because it shows all of the tooling on the screen.

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Oh, dang… “Today’s open-world video games resemble gig economy platforms, with endless task lists to conquer”

Yesterday I coded up a Golang library for -

I found some bugs in their API while doing it, thankfully Jen, their founder, is incredibly responsive.

Have any of you regularly woken up before 6a? I'm thinking of starting my day significantly earlier (I currently wake at 6:45a, thinking of trying 4a). I'm curious about how folks structure their day, what problems they ran into with early start times.

Two and a half years after it was published, I finally built a marketing page for my first book.

PRs to make it better are welcome

I'm enjoying journaling more again. How I journal has gone through lots of iterations, but rewriting has made it a great platform for me to write. Still not back to the level I was at in 2018, but here's hoping. is a read only list of stuff now in the journal / wiki / memex.

I have a cli editor, I wanna build a mobile app, but that's in the future.

uspol + tech corps 

Cloudflare is garbage. It hosts tons of hate websites. Has since it was founded. keeps track of all of the horrible websites they host. Stop giving them money. They don't even make a good product.

My memory is failing me. I feel like I saw a ham radio or some other device that looked like but wasn't for music... but it could have been anything else. Anyone know what I'm talking about? All I can remember is a photo of it in a messenger bag in an empty field.

Have folks done any Ham recording? Been researching Ham SDR, and curious what folks here have done.

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