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In , I've been really struggling focusing on this year. And really just writing in general.

Perceived privacy versus real privacy is such a huge thing in tech. So many service users think they have privacy until someone watches the network traffic.

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what ham radio setup should i get for disaster prep (cheapness/portability preferred)

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I wrote a nano tool that tries to extract the #Fediverse accounts of your #Twitter followings:

It searches for the patterns @user@host.tld, user@host.tld and host.tld/@user in the screen name, description, location and URL field. It displays them to you in the correct format for easy copying as well as a CSV download that can be imported to #Mastodon.

New version:

Watching go through and delete 15y of tweets is satisfying.


In the category of things that I historically kept off of Merveilles / Fediverse, I'm currently watching the Tottenham v. Leeds game, and this game is wild. Lets go spurs!

It used to take me minutes to read through the entire local timeline. Now it takes forever! Really hoping this activity keeps up.

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Can't sleep. Work stress mostly, I think. So I gave up trying to fall back asleep about two hours ago, and started consuming some content I enjoy.

For I watched the most recent episode of Andor. Show continues to be amazing. Great story, acting and music.

For , I'm currently reading "Dragons of Autumn Twilight" which I'm enjoying. Very classic fantasy.

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choosing a Mastodon instance/server, special heads-up for users 

If you just made your first Mastodon account and it's on, and you want to avoid getting caught in the ripple effects of the dynamics I just described, I suggest you move to a different instance (server).

A thread of some #recommendations

Treat like the general "lobby" that America On-Line chat threw users into when they first joined. A place to start.

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Re- with all of the new faces.

I'm Nat or icco (pronounced eye ko). I am an (Site Reliability Engineer), Author and general creative person. I live in New York and love making stuff.

Interests: , , , , , , , and .

Today is election day in the US. If you can, please vote. Even when candidates don't meet your every checkmark, electing local candidates that support things like climate reform, human rights and education help move our society forward. Democracy only works when citizens participate.

Visit to find your polling place.

Wow, been wild to see all of the mastodon follows. I guess folks really are abandoning the bird site.

I've been in a bit of a creative rut since like February. What do you all do to get inspired, or at least reenergized to create?

So excited that I'll be attending "norns/habitus"! - I've never attended a class around making music before, so really curious how this will go. Plus it's at the Monome HQ!

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Community blessing of the fields by seven different religious leaders at our community farm. Here's to a great Spring!

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