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No context sudden need to make a tiny game with jumping voxels and desaturated colors. I've no idea what it's about, except I named all assets in , and my mood was involving some kind of lazy melancholia.

I guess it could become a random walk in a quiet forest, with occasional dialogues and chill beats in the background.

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So, I've decided to release the mini mix I recorded for VEMOM 10 on Bandcamp. It's been nearly 7 years since the last time I released something there, it was about time I guess...

This is a couple of tracks I'm still working on, made with the OP-Z, full of clunky live effects because I'm still quite new at this workflow. But it's been fun to make :)

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The more I play non-violent games with no combat system, the more abhorrent I find games with combat systems. Don't get me wrong, both as a player and a designer, I love combat systems.

But the insane proportion of gameplay tied to violence, conflict and exploitation, and the fact it's seen as normal or even desirable in video games culture, make me feel increasingly bad. Is capitalism fun?

What about complex systems to explore empathy, ecological awareness, philosophy, utopia?

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I've felt the sudden urge to set up a small forum for the Merveilles folks (or anyone interested in it) who'd like a more organized place than Mastodon to discuss and learn the language together. Disclaimer: I'm a total beginner.

Feel free to join and suggest anything (and to boost if you like the idea)

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Hi, I’m a French game designer/writer working mainly in the serious game/edutainment industry.

On my free time, I develop my own video games and tools, compose electronic music, make pixel/voxel art, build keyboards, grow hops and brew beer.

Computers ate my soul.

I've grown quite fond of the upcoming Book of Travels game and finally backed it. It's a "Tiny Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game," with few players per server, a focus on exploration and socialization, a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, and a jaw-dropping art direction.

It seems to have everything I'd enjoy in a multiplayer game. I know some of you are hyped as well, I'd love to join a group of fellow Merveilles and Fediverse travelers at launch.

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A handful of thoughts that crossed my mind: About the conflict between creating a better world for all and getting our own needs met

Lately I’ve been trying to actively sleep more, because sleep is important, among many other things, for proper muscle building (weight lifting is apparently my new restrained interest.)

So I’m getting about one hour more sleep per night. Guess what’s coming back? Dreams. At this point I had almost forgotten about them. It was a thing of the past, a lost treasure of youth.

That late hour spent browsing random crap on the web? Spend it sleeping. It’s worth way more than what you imagine.

I've got a couple of desktop stands from work, so my two monitors are now about 10 cm higher. Suddenly my workspace has become infinitely more comfortable and functional.

I feel about as stupid as the time I noticed my chair had been set to the lowest possible position for years.

And the best thing is I can now cram the loads of useless garbage usually littering my desk straight under my monitors (I've heard it's sometimes called "tidying up".)

Unwanted side effects of bodybuilding likely include:

- embracing daily discipline
- getting plenty of exercise
- correcting bad posture
- learning human anatomy and metabolism
- learning how to actually breath
- eating healthy whole food
- getting plenty of sleep
- getting called every time someone needs something heavy moved
- getting mixed signals of admiration and disdain from friends and relatives
- increasing self-confidence to the point you can bear social interactions like an adult

I’ve just read a dozen of pages of extremely detailed comments by bodybuilders politely arguing about free weights being more efficient than resistance bands for muscle hypertrophy.

And I enjoyed it.

Seems like the last few months have led me from "let’s do some workouts with these old dumbbells someone gifted me as a joke 15 years ago" to "let’s count calories and proteins and go full hulk mode."

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Finally getting 'round to publishing some design experiments:

waste warning: (currently 20+MB page)

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A very basic version of the aggregator is online. Semi-operational, got a lot to do on the backend but for right now it's up to date and accessible. Now I have to implement Jinja!

Thanks @thomasorus for their help with the styling and front-end / @aynish for their assistance with Jinja implementation!

After one too many gif from the Hackers movie randomly thrown at me by the Fediverse, I finally decided to watch it. I had a blast.

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Let's make a colour together! <3


The new GY!BE album is giving me massive goose bumps. It's so brutally beautiful, hopeless yet hopeful, I'm weeping, I don't even know why. It's full of love.

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I really like tripping with Nils Frahm. I didn't know he also played with more electronic aesthetics, and it makes his work even more interesting to me.

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"We tried to create a new technology to solve the problem of the old technology!" -our species' epitaph

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Screenshots of in-progress unicode roguelike 

trying some colors out. I love that one of the generated places is called Forlorn Winter House. Accurate.

I've just ordered 64 steel discs, weighting a total of 80 kg, and it's not even April Fools' Day yet.

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★ Small Web App Ring

i'm starting a webring for web apps so that these projects can be less isolated and to help with 'discovery'.

Yesterday I did a workout named "Glutes Sculpt". I can guarantee you that today my glutes feel very sculpted indeed, since whatever shape they took obviously now doesn’t fit any regular surface and every move I make painfully set alien body parts into motion.

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As I kept increasing the map's size to cram more stuff and design more intricate levels, I started to feel the need to come back to the dreamlike simplicity of the beginning.

Paradoxically, the world feels endless when it's tiny but floating in a misty void. As soon as it grows bigger than the screen, its physicality turns the poetics of contemplation and mystery into the usual video game exploration trope.

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One day, maybe I'll understand how MIDI mapping and audio apps work on iOS. But not today.

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