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Here comes the first iteration of Lunaires, my experimental game that will get a new level every day during October, and possibly more updates and polish after that. Yes, I'm hijacking prompts.

For now, it's very short and minimalist, but I'll keep tweaking and adding various things along the way. I suppose it could be somewhat spooky. It's free, made with @rpginabox, and I'll probably release the sources at some point.

Get it here:

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So, here comes my new album.

It's a blend of heavily processed live RAV Vast recordings. I'd say it's quite experimental, mostly , though it flirts with while also having a few rhythmic parts.

I made it for myself, on a sudden impulse, with no other goal than to have fun. And maybe a little introspection. It's a mess, but a mess I'm happy with.

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Hi, I'm a French video game designer/writer. I used to work mainly on serious game/edutainment projects. I'm now specializing in worldbuilding, my first love.

I've been dabbling in electronic music for many years, and I recently started to play the steel tongue drum/handpan.

Other interests include weight lifting, pixel/voxel art, beer/kombucha brewing, Toki Pona, mechanical keyboards, bad code and other nerdy stuff. Sometimes, I even try to make my own small games and tools.

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Day 1: Other times, other places.

This is inspired by the first drawing I made for in October. Every day, I'll make a new track after each drawing in chronological order (archived here:

My goal is to get a draft of the soundtrack for the cyberpunk-themed game I'm working on.

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The more I play non-violent games with no combat system, the more abhorrent I find games with combat systems. Don't get me wrong, both as a player and a designer, I love combat systems.

But the insane proportion of gameplay tied to violence, conflict and exploitation, and the fact it's seen as normal or even desirable in video games culture, make me feel increasingly bad. Is capitalism fun?

What about complex systems to explore empathy, ecological awareness, philosophy, utopia?

In any case, what struck me the most in My Neighbor Totoro is how adults simply choose to believe children and accept their fantasies as part of reality. That, and the fact they can still catch a glimpse of this magical or imaginary realm, even if they now clearly live outside of it. It’s a beautiful message.

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Still chuckling about the fact that the cat bus is quite anatomically correct and apparently male, and that he uses zombie mice for headlights. I mean, unless these mice are actual parts of his body, they look very much like dead trophies with nasty red eyes animated by dark magic. Which is is not as cute as you’d think at first, but definitely what some kind of magical feline would do.

I’m sure someone has written a whole thesis on the darker side of Totoro.

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In case you’re wondering, the cat-bus scored a massive hit. My kid got so excited they had to describe it with extreme details to their grandmother on the phone, to the point we could only schedule to watch it again with her, since she didn’t know Totoro.

I hadn’t seen it in while, and wow, it’s still pure magic. This time it felt deeply emotional, more than the usual. It’s one of these rare works that you can project a new layer of meaning onto every time you dive into them.

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Trying to convince my almost 5-year-old that Totoro might be something they’d enjoy.

- No, I don’t want to watch a movie!
- Actually, it’s a movie but also a cartoon.
- No! I want to watch Paw Patrol! It’s the best cartoon!
- Mmh, it’s very different from Paw Patrol, you’ll see, it’s… (so much better, you have no idea)
- No! No way!
- Is there a cat-bus in Paw Patrol?
- Uh, a what?
- A giant cat, who is also a bus. There’s one in Totoro.
- Oh. (sudden silence, eyes sparkle)

I'm really enjoying the Dwarf Fortress OST. It sounds pretty cozy for such a massive drama generator. I'm also quite eager to play the Steam version that gets released in four days. The UI/UX improvements are countless and should make the game much more accessible and smoother to play.

Random reminder for lovers: there's a new Troika! edition Kickstarter ending soon:

The cool thing is backers also get PDF files for all other Troika! books.

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💕 new itchio blog post! 🎉
i put together a curation of games made in "RPG in a Box" and talked about this wonderful game development tool. it's going to be on the Epic Store soon too. check it out!
"Exploring the beautiful worlds of games made with RPG in a Box (get it free December 1st through December 8th)" 👉

#IndieDev #IndieGames #RPGInABox #tool #curation #games

Troika TTRPG, spoilers 

The hotel is all gold and chrome, and displays a vast collection of mismatched colored carpets and painting of all styles, taste and era. It smells of brass polish and artificial cherry. Besides regular guests, it's full of mandrills.

Our three hypothetical heroes were each looking for a room, but there's only one left on the 6th floor. They'll need to share it, and are expected to attend the annual Feast of the Chiliarch on the roof. Which is why there's a room shortage.

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I've created a party to solo roleplay with Troika! and the Mythic game master emulator system.

We have... a Journeyman of the Guild of Sharp Corners (a rookie assassin), a Mathmologist (who's good at maths and uses a large astrolabe as a mace) and a Monkeymonger (who fell from The Wall with a handful of Edible Monkeys.)

They're about to meet for the first time in the hall of the Blancmange & Thistle, an extravagant hotel in the city of Troika.

Maybe I'll make a thread? Spoilers ahead!

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Playing Magic: The Gathering like it's 1999. I don't especially enjoy its competitive and mercantile nature, but the game is undeniably still good, and it's popular among my coworkers, so it's a fine way to set my secret plan into motion, which is to lure them into TTRPGs after a few games.

I’ve got a copy of the Mythic system, which I intend to use with Troika! for solo sessions, before possibly game mastering again after a decade-long hiatus. What strikes me so far is how powerful it looks as a writing and worldbuilding tool. I may end up using it in way more ways than I originally intended, and it’s quite exciting.

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Thoughts on "followers", "influence" and true human connection 

I'm still battling with my old :birdsite: mindset that more followers are better. That I want "influence" and reach more people.

I don't. In the past years I arrived at the conclusion that people don't change their attitudes when they're yelled at by strangers on the internet. Science is with me here.

I was a happy camper here before November 2022. I enjoyed talking about things I love, the things that happen in my life, my struggles. I want to keep doing that. I don't seek an audience. I seek connection and compassion, as that's what I'm offering.

So no. I don't look for more followers or more influence. I want true human connections that need time and effort. I, like most of us, was trained to mistake the number of followers with people with whom I have a connection.
This is worth unlearning.

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syncing notes via i2c

top: MIDI + power via USB
bottom: only power via USB

next goal is automatically keeping settings (scale, octave, colors...) in sync :)

Black Ox Orkestar has not only reformed after 15 years, they're also releasing a 3-album bundle:

I'm not even sure how to describe their music. Balkanic post-folk maybe? Though it doesn't really matter, it's just beautiful.

It only took me twenty years to understand how to use a cutoff filter properly. I guess I deserve a beer.

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weight lifting, pain 

Me, lifting the lightest weights with great care, avoiding painful moves and limiting my range of motion to put as little strain as possible on my inflamed tendons: this is fine.

My physiotherapist, twisting my arm in the weirdest possible ways, forcing the widest range of motion, looking for the most excruciating angle and ultimate spot of perfect suffering, gently breathing down my neck: is it fine?

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Here it goes. My second #dubtechno track. I must say I really enjoy working within the constrains of well formalized genre. Although it doesn't feel really creative, it makes decision making pretty easy, and in the end, instead of endless doubts and tweaking I get things done.
The mixdown still needs some work, I'll revisit it once I have enough tracks for EP

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