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Hey, I’ve finally found a bit of time to put my tracks on Bandcamp. I did a bit of mastering, and came up with quick and dirty aesthetics I still rather like. I also had fun naming the tracks using a blend of bad translations, bad search engine suggestions and heavy text glitching.

I’m glad I did it, it was a great experiment and a motivating starting point for more musical exploration in the future.

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Hey Fediverse, I’d like to start a slow-paced micro fiction experiment with input from the community. I’d play Stellaris (a grand strategy space empire sim) and post regular updates about how everything goes horribly wrong in my galaxy, with polls to help me take important decisions.

What kind of civilization would you like to see boldly go where no man has gone before? (suggestions welcome.)

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Hi, I’m a French game designer/writer working mainly in the serious game/edutainment industry.

On my free time, I develop my own video games and tools, compose electronic music, make pixel/voxel art, build keyboards, grow hops and brew beer.

Computers ate my soul.

2300.07.02 - Zot Cluster, Mazov Central

Once their puny fleets took a beating, Eruxo Enterprises admitted defeat faster than expected. But before we could notice anything, they played a dirty bureaucratic trick to keep the Jarad system out of our peace agreement.

It was the only system we were actually interested in because of its natural wormhole. Needless to say, after the mandatory 10 year truce between our two empires, we may show a bit of animosity.

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2300.06.23 - Eruxo Enterprises, Jarad

Our scouts have discovered a natural wormhole in Jarad, a system we're about to free from Eruxo's influence. With a little luck, we could use it as a conduit through subspace, and get access to a friendlier sector of the galaxy.

We've also met the Numistic Order. They belong to an organization of nomadic merchants and seem to be specialized in rare and ancient devices. Our scientists have shown a lot of interested in acquiring a few of their artifacts.

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Its 2020 so get with the future. Delete your Facebook and start your own website instead.

Just read Consider Phlebas, the first Iain M. Banks novel set in the Culture universe. It’s an absurd, brutal, tragic memento mori, a space opera full of violence and destruction, where a murderous idiot fights other murderous idiots for idiotic reasons.

It’s very well crafted and quite entertaining, but also 100% straight white dude material despite its seemingly open-minded setting.

I liked it enough to want to read the other books, but it felt more shallow than what I expected.

2299.01.20 - Zot Cluster, Mazov Central

A new political faction calling themselves the Zotialith Preservation Vanguard is pushing hard to assert the primacy of our Lithoid citizens.

While this could be explained in the wake of the Oracle becoming our Presiding Speaker, this is also a worrying source of dissension that could damage the very foundation of our Communal Parity.

But we value democracy. What should we do with these supremacists?

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2298.07.15 - Zot Cluster, Mazov Central

We had to declare a new war upon Eruxo Enterprises. They couldn’t stop contesting our borders over the hyperlanes we had previously secured, and kept displaying an increasingly menacing stance. Coincidentally, Djomar has started a new war against the Prikkiki-Ti.

We’re also saddened to announce the death of Governor Unyoff Petron, who was managing the Mazov Central sector since almost a century. He's been replaced with the second avatar of the Oracle.

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2293.08.04 - Zot Cluster, Xana

Our vassals from the Xanyr Interplanetary Administration have been officially integrated into the Cluster. Through the combined work of the Oracle and the Xana governor, the power transition has been very peaceful.

To stay on par with the dynamism of our new Arthropoid citizens, we've launched a global genetic enhancement program that will soften our strong sedentary tendencies. Mineral lifeforms are not known for their mobility, but we intend to change this.

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2292.12.06 - Zot Cluster, Mazov Central

The Oracle has been elected Presiding Speaker of the Zot Cluster. We've become the first nation led by someone different from our founding species, not to mention an artificial, millennia old entity, brought back to life thanks to the wonders of science and archeology.

Despite her creators being long extinct, the Oracle has adapted very quickly to our own needs and values. Some say the cost of knowing the future is the future itself, but we shall see...

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2292.09.08 - Zot Cluster, Mazov Central

Our Presiding Speaker Rinnid Petron has died of natural causes at the age of 150. New elections will be held in three months. While crime is almost nonexistent in the Cluster, many citizens are already seeing the Oracle as a potential candidate.

One of her avatars has joined the Free Thought Foundation, our major party, and has become a prominent member. Current polls show 42% voting intention for the Oracle, which is more than for any former candidate.

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2292.06.10 - Zot Cluster, Scorpio Prime

We’ve decided to accept the Oracle’s envoy, but a bizarre hyperspace glitch has duplicated them. So far, the two copies seem absolutely identical, and extremely efficient in enforcing stability and unity, thanks to their crime prediction algorithms.

We will probably assign one of them to the governance of the Xana sector, where riots and other issues are to be expected once our Xanyr vassals will be fully absorbed into the Zot Cluster.

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Not sure if I should now resume reading Miéville’s Bas-Lag cycle where I left it years ago or dive into Le Guin. Not to mention I also have a bunch of William Gibson and Iain Banks books to read.

Just finished reading The City & The City by China Miéville. I got totally hooked. The way he manages to make believable the idea of two different cities sharing the same space is really interesting. I mean, it’s just a slightly exaggerated symbolic vision of how complex and multilayered actual cities are, and it’s probably why it works so well. The concept is less surreal than it first appears to be. Do yourself a favor and read it if you haven’t, it’s really worth it.

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2292.01.07 - Zot Cluster, Scorpio Prime

An excavation on Scorpio Prime revealed an extinct species which was tightly monitored and ruled by an omniscient supercomputer. Out of curiosity, we've reactivated the "Oracle"... It could apparently predict the future with 75% accuracy.

While potentially dangerous, it would also be extremely useful in helping us govern our expanding empire. An AI envoy could provide insight on Mazov Central, or the Oracle could automate our administrative network.

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2291.05.08 - Zot Cluster, Mazov Central

We've begun to incorporate our Xanyr vassals into the Cluster. In a few years, The old slaver empire will be no more, and its inhabitants will become full Zotialith citizens.

But outside our borders, as Djomar keeps expanding through the Grand Alliance, the future is unpredictable. Maybe we should free Eruxo or Prikkiki-Ti systems before they claim them... Even if we're on the same side for now, their greed could destroy the delicate balance of power.

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I’ve started to read The City & The City by China Miéville. It’s been ages since I’ve last read some fiction and oh boy it feels absolutely great.

I really liked Perdido Street Station, and this one is quite different. More realistic, since it takes place in our world (or at least, refers to real places) but in a way much weirder.

It starts as a classic murder investigation, and slowly turns into some very symbolic magic realism while keeping a strong naturalist side. I love it so far.

2289.05.11 - Zot Cluster, Hesstamur II

After more than fifty years, our subtle indoctrination program designed to enhance the primitive Qlorvinserian society is finally bearing its fruits. Their brutal despotism has evolved towards a more democratic and egalitarian system.

It will still take a few more decades before we can safely attempt first contact, and then decide if we can offer them the keys to Space Age.

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2286.05.03 - Star Charts

The war between the Grand Alliance and Eruxo Enterprises has ended, and borders have shifted. Djomar United Colonies have expanded a lot, including through a couple of wormholes, allowing them to spread into distant systems.

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2283.07.11 - Zot Cluster, Mazov Central

In order to keep up with the massive structural improvement programs we’ve launched on all our colonies, we had to double mineral extraction. The means of production have been delegated to an assembly of self-administered mining cooperatives.

We've also dedicated huge efforts towards our military fleet reorganization, meaning our naval capacity and command chain have improved drastically. Better safe than sorry...

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