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Here's my entry that does not use HyperCard, but still includes 1-bit gradients and Apple II cursors and fonts.

It's a kind of voxellated emotion-based isometric fortune cookie simulator. Or maybe a roguelike without combat where nothing happens but randomly suggested feelings. I don't know, but I like it, and I really learned a lot while making it. I might even make an actual game out of this.

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Hey, I’ve finally found a bit of time to put my tracks on Bandcamp. I did a bit of mastering, and came up with quick and dirty aesthetics I still rather like. I also had fun naming the tracks using a blend of bad translations, bad search engine suggestions and heavy text glitching.

I’m glad I did it, it was a great experiment and a motivating starting point for more musical exploration in the future.

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Hey Fediverse, I’d like to start a slow-paced micro fiction experiment with input from the community. I’d play Stellaris (a grand strategy space empire sim) and post regular updates about how everything goes horribly wrong in my galaxy, with polls to help me take important decisions.

What kind of civilization would you like to see boldly go where no man has gone before? (suggestions welcome.)

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Hi, I’m a French game designer/writer working mainly in the serious game/edutainment industry.

On my free time, I develop my own video games and tools, compose electronic music, make pixel/voxel art, build keyboards, grow hops and brew beer.

Computers ate my soul.

Wow, many people here are speaking or willing to learn Toki Pona! At this rate we’ll end up with a Merveilles Toki Pona Club in no time :)

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I don't know why, but I'm feeling increasingly drawn to start learning Toki Pona.

Maybe it's the minimalism, or the positive vibes, or the fact I've been thinking more about utopia than dystopia, or because I'm in awe at my two-year-old grasping new words every day.

Maybe I'm tired of the constant flow of terrible news and capitalist propaganda. Another way of understanding the world sure sounds appealing.

The enhanced version of my Hyperjam entry is getting out of control. It will not only feature roguelike/puzzle mechanics and card-based combat, but also this kind of artwork. And don't even get me started on the soundtrack.

I wasn’t sure my kombucha coffee experiment would work at all, since I used a very thin baby disc from my first batch. But it has become thicker after four days in a coffee jar than after two weeks in a tea jar. It’s hard to see on the picture, because coffee is indeed pretty dark and opaque compared to tea, but the surface alone is impressive enough.

Let’s just hope I didn’t accidentally trigger the beginning of a coffee blob overlords invasion.

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"I also got a bad taste in my mouth from Twitter supporting kinds of speech that I don't particularly agree with, and I began to feel like putting my toys and art there was just adding value to the network. For a while I felt that the tradeoff was that the art I published there still enriched my life and the lives of my friends. At some point, though, I started to feel like the balance got out of whack, and I could do more good by putting my work on alternate networks and giving people a reason to get off Twitter. "

All cultural producers with some degree of audience and influence should really think about this: what structures do I validate by my presence? What and whose structures do I reinforce? What other places can I advantage?

@darius in

I've bottled my first kombucha tea batch, and the result is delicious. Given the gross appearance of whatever Lovecraftian process took place in the jar, I honestly though it would be similar to a mix of urine and vinegar, but it's perfectly drinkable and enjoyable. Sweet but acidic, and slightly sparkly, the taste is unique and subtle, and it's not even flavored with fruit or juice yet. I think I like it better than water kefir.

Next step: kombucha coffee.

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You can now submit your games to the RPG in a Box showcase! The game can be in any state and doesn't need to be released yet. I look forward to receiving your submissions! 😄

A friend sent me their graphic novel script, asking for feedback. It's a solid cop vs serial killer story with a supernatural mood.

However, it's set in a country they see as "exotic" (by Western standards.) The story takes place 30 years in a future that looks like a bland, fantasied 90s version of this country, because... they want the exoticism without taking any political stance.

They make sci-fi to avoid politics.

It's set in Brazil.

I'm so mad I don't know how to stay polite.

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Surveillance capitalism is the same as climate change, but for data:

- Some people have been warning about its consequences for years
- Most people don't care because they don't feel concerned, they can't see it affecting them
- A few companies are making a lot of damage with the help of governments
- When we will face the consequences it will be too late
- We can still do something about it, and the sooner the better

I've just bottled my "Smashipa 1.1", a beer flavored with 2 year old home grown hops and brewed with a broken thermometer in a regular cooking pot. So far, against all odds, I'm delighted by the result. The bitterness is as stunning as the sweetness, and while I doubt everyone will like it, I'm really looking forward to taste it in two weeks. If the bottles don't explode nor get contaminated with some unexpected dreadful bacteria, of course.

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"Over 30 unique channels of listener-supported, commercial-free, underground/alternative radio broadcasting to the world"

I've started a zettelkasten a bit more than one month ago. It's life-changing. I wish I had heard about this note-taking method 20 years ago. I could have written down and organized so many ideas in meaningful and useful ways...

I'm already seeing so many connections and possibilities that my mind is bursting with activity. It's a fantastic introspective tool. If you're wondering what the hell it's about, here's best the article I've found on the topic:

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think of something you've tried to do or learn before and found pretty difficult, especially something from when you were younger. if you try doing or learning it now, there's a decent chance you will still struggle with it... but a surprisingly high one that it'll somehow be really easy suddenly because you've picked up some orthogonal skill or knowledge that inexplicably changed your brain to a subtly different and better brain without you noticing

Water kefir fermenting with cassonade, two cherries and a slice of lemon. I could watch this all day.

I love starting the week with a total network failure on my main workstation. CLI network debugging is so much fun!

I wonder how the hell we did manage to invent such a weird thing as industrial soda. It's bad for health, bad for environment, wastes insane amount of water and sustains an awful capitalist culture. It makes no sense.

Water kefir only requires a bit of sugar and water, and reproduces itself endlessly with very little care. You just have to wait a couple of days. You can create your own flavors with fruits and other ingredients, and best of all, you can freely give your extra grains to anyone.

It's 1:40 AM. I'm brewing beer in my kitchen. I broke my only thermometer while sanitizing my equipment. One of my cats is missing. All in all, a rather normal Saturday night. How's yours?

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So my little game The Queen Returns and over 700 more are have all banded together in the Bundle For Racial Justice. Its $5 or more on itch and provides a lifetime of stuff to play. All money goes to the Community Bail fund and NCAAP Legal Defence and Education fund.

Now you know that my game is there, so I want to highlight a few games that I think are good on this list.

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