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Apparently it's Friday, so here comes the result of my latest musical adventures.

It's a nearly 11-minute long live steel tongue drum session with unquantized beats and lo-fi textures. It's a bit broken, a bit moody, a bit groovy... And I hope you'll enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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No context sudden need to make a tiny game with jumping voxels and desaturated colors. I've no idea what it's about, except I named all assets in , and my mood was involving some kind of lazy melancholia.

I guess it could become a random walk in a quiet forest, with occasional dialogues and chill beats in the background.

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The more I play non-violent games with no combat system, the more abhorrent I find games with combat systems. Don't get me wrong, both as a player and a designer, I love combat systems.

But the insane proportion of gameplay tied to violence, conflict and exploitation, and the fact it's seen as normal or even desirable in video games culture, make me feel increasingly bad. Is capitalism fun?

What about complex systems to explore empathy, ecological awareness, philosophy, utopia?

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I've felt the sudden urge to set up a small forum for the Merveilles folks (or anyone interested in it) who'd like a more organized place than Mastodon to discuss and learn the language together. Disclaimer: I'm a total beginner.

Feel free to join and suggest anything (and to boost if you like the idea)

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Hi, I’m a French game designer/writer working mainly in the serious game/edutainment industry.

On my free time, I develop my own video games and tools, compose electronic music, make pixel/voxel art, build keyboards, grow hops and brew beer.

Computers ate my soul.

So, I'm back from Dune. I took the whole package with 3D glasses, moving/vibrating chair, smoke, smells and other crazy FX stuff.

I had a great time, but the most immersive part of the experience was that I had to wear a face mask the whole time. I felt like a real Fremen.

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Now I’m realizing that going to the movies will likely mean I’ll have to bear with some atrocious French dubbed version. I’m not sure I can stomach this.

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I think I'm going to make the tremendous effort of actually going to the movies and watch Dune.

I mean, I've totally lost that habit over the years, to the point I forgot it was something I could do. It sounds like a good opportunity to stare at something that is not a computer screen.

It's funny how liberating making something for yourself only can be. And it's equally painful to realize that pretty much everything you create tends to be done in comparison with similar works, even subconsciously, and marketed towards whomever you're imagining will enjoy it, even if it's free.

It's not just about being accepted or praised by your peers. Capitalism fucks up everything, including the sincere relationship you're supposed to be having with your own creativity.

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Countries that meet the requirements of the 2016 Paris Agreement

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the fall 2021 tape is out now! apologies this one took so long, life is busy & life with a newborn baby is triple-busy.

as mentioned in the liner notes, cover art has been added to all the mp3 files so, if that's your thing, snag the files again or grab the archives!


please be well. 💕


#gemini #geminiprotocol #KONPEITO #lofi #mixtape

@rpginabox Oh wow, that's awesome, I thought there were technical limitations that prevented this feature, so I don't think I've ever bothered you with it, but I've dreamed about this for ages :) (for some reason I can't see the video though)

Of course, I also had to bring my OP-Z to headbang alone making some rough minimal techno for when I didn't feel like socializing.

But it had the same effect, I was asked many times what it was and how it worked, so I started to record random vocal samples for my track, and I kind of ended up making the soundtrack for the unavoidable photo slideshow of the event.

So, yes, music connects people, even the nerdiest ones :)

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I'm back from a week spent partying with coworkers, many of them I had never met IRL. It was a great experience.

I brought my RAV Vast and played it casually nearly every day. This is something I never thought I'd feel confident enough to do a few months ago. It did wonders to catch people's attention, create a relaxing mood and help to socialize.

I've got compliments about making nice background music from people who didn't watch me play directly. I guess I'm an acoustic ambient artist now.

Expectations vs. Reality

(this beautiful painting was gifted to me by an old friend a few weeks ago, I finally managed to find a place to hang it since it’s huge, and of course my cat had to photobomb it.)

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In case you missed it, here's the Community Game Showcase for August 2021! It features a diverse set of games being created with RPG in a Box. View full quality here:
#screenshotsaturday #voxel #gamedev #indiedev #godotengine

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I make music
music makes me
I know nothing
I feel everything

@woozong @pixelflowers Before I forget, it still needs some work, but maybe you guys will enjoy this (thread)

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Remember I said I wanted to recreate Maurizio's M5 dub techno banger? Well, I did. This is just a quick and dirty preview, I'm not sure if it does justice to the original, but I had a blast dissecting and recomposing it on the OP-Z.

It took me 5 minutes to lay down the basic structure, but days to refine it enough to get a half-decent groove. Since I couldn't get the exact same sound, I ended up adding cheesy chords, so it has a more laid-back, dreamy vibe.

"Computers are what makes life more interesting than computers."

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