The MX Browns arrived today, a nice example of Royal Mail not living up to “snail mail” for once heh.

Cut out the holes, some the wrong size and moved the layout slightly.

Having the hand rest in that position and still move comfortably is an issue, mainly because my little finger is not used to being used without the weight of my hand tilting sideways to provide pushing power. Training should fix that.

@drisc Maybe you could try to tilt the base slightly to the left, at a 20° angle or so, a bit like an ergonomic/vertical mouse. It would make it easier on the wrist (not sure which effect it would have on the pinky though).

@ice Good call on the tilt, that would cause less wrist strain for sure. Tested a few angles and the pinky problem persists.

The problem lies in the strength of my pinky while it’s extended, normally it’s a lot closer to the ring finger and curled over so that the tip is pointed straight down.

@drisc It reminds me -- Never tried one but apparently the keys meant to be used with the pinkies don't have the same angle than the others. Maybe some kind of more dome-like shape for the base would do the trick? I guess it would be much harder to design though.

@ice Thanks for the tip! Designing it to be dome'd or rounded in some way is an interesting idea and would fit the shape of a hand better, something to look into for version 2 :D


@drisc There's also the concave way, even if it's probably weird :)

@ice Ah yes the Dactyl, I like that design and the video the creator put together about the process of creating it. I learned a lot about keyboards for that video.

I'd like to try one out and see if it's for me at some point.

@ice @drisc Ah, yes, I'm going to have to get around to building one of these for @adriel

@gaeel @drisc It looks great, definitely unique, but equally complicated to build.

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