I'd refine it for weeks or even months before making this public if I listened to myself, but I have to release it now, precisely to avoid this stupid perfectionism that in fact leads to a kind of procrastination.

So here's the very rough blog/wiki/thing about me learning to play steel tongue drums that I've started to work on, using my own website generator:

@ice the links for cats don't cry is broken (there is some other code prepended)

PS: nice to be in your blog!

@npisanti Good catch, thanks! Turns out a misplaced line break was breaking everything. And you played an important part in my decision of choosing this drum, I had to mention you :)

This is neat! It's cool you made the tool with a game engine

@dualhammers I really like Godot, I’ve tried tons of engines over the years but it’s the only one I understood enough to actually make something with it. I’m still pretty bad at coding but it really allowed me to make some progress, I find GDScript easy to work with compared to most other languages.

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