I’ve just finished reading a book, something worth mentioning since it didn’t happen in years. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in our future as a species. It’s short, to the point, easy to read (if you read French) and sums up pretty well which societal changes we’ll need in order to survive the next few decades.

For anyone interested, this is the website (in French) of the association cofounded by the author of the book: — I haven’t read everything yet, but there’s lot of inspiring material to help getting organized against climate change.

@ice It's very good. I read it in one sitting last night. Planning on reading 'le syndrome de l'autruche' by George Marshall too, many mentions in the text.

@rek Glad you liked it! Same for me, I saw a few names and titles I had heard of before, and now I definitely want to dig deeper. I’m considering to get closer to the Colibris community as well, there are tons of interesting resources on their website and their philosophy kind of struck a chord.

@eel I had a look but I didn’t find any English translation. However it seems his documentary "Demain" has been released worldwide (I haven’t watched it yet though).

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