This weekend I enjoyed a visit to the MusVerre (Sars-Poteries, France). It’s a museum dedicated to glass works. I took a few pictures of some pieces that caught my eye. Interestingly, while the camera doesn’t always do justice to the sculptures, it kind of changes them into something else, with effects that aren’t always visible in reality.


@ice The blue/green piece looks like it an augmented reality object ! beautiful work, I'll look if it's away from where I am.

@Erjaeger Yeah, it's really beautiful. In fact it's very thin, and the other side has different colors. You can spend a long time turning around it, the reflections are mesmerizing.

@ice So from La Rochelle, it's far far away... I'll note it for the next time I'll come in Nancy.

All your pictures of this place are beautiful !

@Erjaeger Thanks! However this particular piece is part of a temporary exhibition that ends on September 8th: (but all my pictures except this one and the first are from the permanent collection).

@ice it evokes many things to me.
My grandparents were from this town. I went there a lot of time.

@0gust1 Yeah I bet it must be special for you. I don’t know the town at all, but it seems to have a rich history. The older pieces made by glass workers during their break were pretty interesting too. Were your grandparents involved in the local glass industry?

@ice not really, it was before them.
I remember digging in the ditches surrounding country paths to find treasures : pieces of discarded colored glass (most of time opaque light blue).

Country side is nice too : bocage, a lot of wild life. Too bad the region is struck with chronic poverty and unemployment.

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