I've bought this geeky t-shirt a while ago and my 20 months old son has decided that sand worms are in fact foxes. He keeps gleefully using the exact same "word" when pointing at them and at any fox in any children's book.

I still have no idea how he can see foxes here, since he's usually surprisingly good at identifying abstract shapes. But wow, just imagine: Dune with gigantic blue-eyed sand foxes. How awesome would that be?

@ice I think I see it. The near side of the worm is the fox's belly, the near jaw is its chin, the far jaws are its ears. Science has gone too far.

@faun Aaah, yes, you're probably right! I really have to show him your avatar.

@ice I wonder if you can turn it into a lasting lesson about how different people sometimes see different things and so we have to be patient with each other when we disagree.

@faun Yes, that would be a good illustration of how complex and defective communication can be. I also wonder how much knowing these kind of "perceptual uncertainties" (not sure how to call them) exist can change how we perceive them. For example, at first your avatar looks like a rabbit to me, then like a crow, and after a few seconds all I see is a neural network generated chimera.

@ice It does look like I'm doing deepdream aesthetic, doesn't it. I guess that's a fine reading of it.

@faun Deepdream by simply reframing pictures instead of running them through insanely complex algorithms sounds pretty solarpunk.

@faun So I showed your avatar to my son, and he thinks it's a rabbit. However, it took him a few seconds and he seemed slightly suspicious. He'll probably hate me for the rest of his life when he'll learn the truth.

@ice Tell him you respectfully disagree but then fail to explain why, "Just an intuition, I can't explain, I just don't believe it's a rabbit ok"

@faun I think I'll show him your avatar rotated at 90 degrees clockwise and cover my ears as he makes that brain-melting shrieking scream he likes to emit since a few days.

@ice You might have to show it one way then slowly rotate it

@ice I love how children minds can see the unseen. I thought maybe your son sees an orange fox tail in the wavy orange shape underneath the first sand worm to the left?

@noue That's right, I didn't think that color would also play a role, but orange is indeed a major feature to define a fox. Seems like there are several ways of seeing foxes in this picture, @faun has another interpretation. Or maybe it's the combination of different visual clues that creates the concept of a fox we can't really see as adults.

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