It’s still very WIP, and it will probably break several times a day since I keep messing with code I don’t fully understand, but here’s my ongoing attempt at changing the Hallway into a personal microblog:

It includes a grid-like display, a tiny PHP backend for easy posting and editing, image support, and various small tweaks. It’s far from being finished, but I enjoy using and modifying it a lot.

@ice well done! This is a cool concept for a microblog!

@ckipp Thanks! When I saw the Hallway I though that I could try to use it as a kind of hybrid between a blog and a time tracker, since I’m apparently unable to maintain a real blog nor to use a time tracker regularly. Seems like this workflow is fine for me so far, using the channels and tags is pretty useful for a quick a overview of my projects, and I love how everything is easily editable within a single text file.

@ice that's great. I'm glad you found something that works well for you!

@ice this looks awesome. Love how the Hallway is progressing as a weird platform.

I also just rediscovered Zynthian though your site. I think I saw the original announcement ages ago about it but looks like a really awesome platform...

@liaizon Thanks! Yeah, I think the Hallway has a lot of potential, it's so simple, yet so full of possibilities... I can be turned into any kind micro[something], not to mention the multi-user and the wiki parts... Since I've added basic image support I keep thinking it could be used for a decentralized community gallery, maybe I'll try to explore this further at some point.

@liaizon I had little time to play with my Zynthian so far but it's also interesting in a similar way: very flexible, easily hackable, can be used for synthesis, live effects, recording... The same result with pure hardware would cost hundreds if not thousands of bucks (though I guess CPU limits might be reached quite fast, it's just a Pi after all, but it's impressive nonetheless).

@ice I was looking into what license they are using for everything is but didn't manage to find it. Do you happen to know off hand?

@liaizon It’s MIT, there’s a LICENSE file at the root.

@liaizon My bad, I thought you were talking about the Hallway. Good question lol, I assumed it was GPL but now I’m not sure.

@liaizon Apparently most of the code is under GNU GPL 2, but there’s also some CC and at least one plugin (Pianotek) is closed source.

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