Tweaking the Hallway to death, I'm now trying to build myself a stats page. It's not very useful yet since I'm most often randomly poking at some JS dark magic that keeps eluding me me, but I'm slowly getting the hang of it, and learning a lot. Big props to @neauoire, @ckipp and all contributors for releasing such a cool program.

Not to mention iterating on a tool I actually use is pure joy. I might even start to like JS.

@ckipp @neauoire No idea, because every time I seem to be blocked by something I have no idea how to code, I either find a solution or find something new to modify. My code is awful but it’s fun :)

@ckipp @neauoire The two things I’d like to implement are clickable tags inside posts, and some kind of multi-selection menu or search field to choose several elements to filter (ie positive moods in October or some tag in some project.) Also, more interesting charts. I guess it will slowly evolve into an almost accurate time tracker.

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