Hey Fediverse, I’d like to start a slow-paced micro fiction experiment with input from the community. I’d play Stellaris (a grand strategy space empire sim) and post regular updates about how everything goes horribly wrong in my galaxy, with polls to help me take important decisions.

What kind of civilization would you like to see boldly go where no man has gone before? (suggestions welcome.)

So far, the general civilization poll shows two strong preferences... This will make an interesting blend! In the meantime, could you help me define our species appearance?

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It seems like utterly alien creatures are widely more popular than humans and humanoids... The People have spoken. Our proud outer space comrades will be as alien as possible. Not even carbon-based.

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Thank you all for your input! The Zotialith Aggregate is now ready to spread rock-solid communism through the galaxy. And bad puns.

I'm planning an update every couple of days or so. If the idea of following the space odyssey of sentient minerals united by strong egalitarian values is your idea of fun, feel free to share, participate to the upcoming polls, and send your suggestions! This is, after all, a fully-fledged democratic communal parity... at least for now.

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2200.01.01 - Zotialith Agglomerate, Mazov Central

Thanks to the recent discovery of the hyperlane network, we, the People of Mazov, are ready to sail the infinite sea of darkness surrounding our home system.

While our best scientists are researching quantum theory, nanomechanics, and ways to strengthen our planetary unification even further, our charismatic Presiding Speaker, Ockten Komplinart, is about to lead us into uncharted space.

Where shall we go?

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2200.01.01 - Star charts

This is how the Zotialith known space currently looks like. So far, our most advanced sensors have detected no sign of other sentient life in the galaxy.

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2200.08.03 - Zotialith Agglomerate, Mazov Central

Presiding Speaker Ockten Komplinart, who was elected on the controversial promise of an aggressive agricultural policy, has laid the first stone of a farming district on Mazov Central.

The Speaker's detractors are crying foul, denouncing a massive waste of public resources: of course, as silicon-based lifeforms, Zotialiths consume only minerals. However, Komplinart's partisans argue vegetables will lead to wondrous scientific discoveries.

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2202.04.20 - Unsurveyed system, Kannam III

The Solid Silicate Flood, commanded by renowed explorer Rinnid Petron, has discovered alien life on Kannam III, in a neighboring system. They are not sapient creatures, at least not in a way we can understand, but they are definitely alive.

Furthermore, they are not of vegetal origin, yet clearly carbon-based, which baffles our scientists, to say the least. The Zoltialith Agglomerate is abuzz with these news.

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2202.05.01 - Zotialith Agglomerate, Mazov Central

The People of Maz have decided that space exploration should be aimed at the center of galaxy. It will be challenging, since the central sector looks isolated. No known hyperlane leads there yet.

This is why common efforts towards science and new discoveries will be made. We need technologies that are yet to be invented in order to reach whatever lies at the center, and to be ready for whoever we may meet along the way.

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2203.05.05 - Unsurveyed system, Yump Ild

We have proof of alien sapient life! 6 billion years old vestiges of an extinct xenocivilization have been excavated, only two jumps away from Maz. The Yuht, as they called themselves, were not only gigantic arthropod analogues, but also carbon-based creatures.

We still have to find fellow silicon-based lifeforms, assuming they exist. Some of the People believe we should work on more pressing matters.

What should we focus on?

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2203.08.04 - Zotialith Agglomerate, Mazov Central

In order to start the colonization of neighboring systems, we have decided to promote an expansion policy in parallel with our scientific agenda. This should allow us to increase colony development speed up to 25% compared to our initial estimate.

Our first colony starship will be geared towards the Kannam system. We will also deploy an outpost in the Yump system to intensify our archeological research.

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2203.12.01 - Zotialith Agglomerate, Mazov Central

Partisans of vegetable farming were right. With the recent addition of a sophisticated bio-reactor in Mazov Central, we have finally found a use for these controversial organic objects.

Our engineers have managed to convert vegetables into energy at a highly efficient rate. This will allow us to power many installations in the Maz system and beyond.

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2204.02.07 - Unsurveyed system, Mobion

While researching anomalies in the Mobion system, the Solid Static Flow, led by Balsheer Noshek, stumbled upon a large voidborne creature that immediately started to follow the starship. Our commander took a risky bet and decided to let it approach.

Dubbed as a Space Amoeba by the crew, it might be a lost juvenile belonging to a much bigger species. For now, it is friendly and behaves as if the Solid Static Flow was a member of its herd.

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2205.03.11 - Unsurveyed system, Mobion

The Space Amoeba has reached full maturity. She’s still as friendly as she was when we found her stranded on Molbion IX, even if communication is very limited.

The People of Maz have slowly grown fond of her. Despite her carbon-based nature, or maybe because of it, she’s become something of a mascot for the Zotialith spirit.

After dozens of unsatisfactory proposals, it has been decided to call her "Fluffy" to settle the increasingly more heated debate.

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2206.09.24 - Unsurveyed system, Hesstamur

Our scientists are in awe. We have detected a primitive alien civilization on Hesstamur II. The Qlorvinserians, as they call themselves, have reached the later stages of Bronze Age. Their society is mostly rural, and organized around several large city-states.

We are planning to install an observation outpost to monitor them closely. Whether we should interact with them, and how, or avoid any contact, will soon become a major ethical question.

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2206.10.07 - Zotialith Agglomerate, Kannam Prime

The first Zotialith colony has been founded on Kannam Prime, an Alpine planet that bears many similarities with our homeworld. The colonists will need time to become self-sufficient, but this is already, by far, our greatest accomplishment as a civilization.

Due to the ever-increasing popularity of Fluffy, we have also launched a Space Amoeba research program.

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2209.02.05 - Unsurveyed system, Hoshfir

Our attempt to reach the center of the galaxy is more meaningful than ever. We've encountered alien spaceships! Until we manage to learn more, we'll call them "Delta Aliens". Our scientists are doing their best to decode their transmissions and understand their language.

Some of our more vocal comrades are also pressing the Agglomerate to expand faster, and to secure the borders. What if these aliens were hostile?

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2209.05.03 - Zotialith Agglomerate, Hesstamur II

The observation post is operational. We're now studying the primitive Qlorvinserians from a safe distance. They appear to be authoritarian militarists with a fondness for "religion", a cultural concept we have yet to understand.

The Zothialith scientific community is torn. Should we stay passive, collect live specimens to learn as much as we can, subtly influence them with our egalitarian values, or elevate their puny technology to Space Age?

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2209.12.04 - Prime Animus, Hoshfir

The "Delta Aliens" weren't another primitive carbon-based species after all... To our astonishment, the Prime Animus is a highly evolved machine intelligence, a gestalt consciousness shared by sapient automata.

Our first contact was peaceful, yet their borders are closed, and our science ship is missing. We hope they will be pleased by the quality consumer goods we've sent them. If not, we've also doubled the size of our military fleet, just in case.

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2210.01.01 - Zot Cluster, Mazov Central

In order to save bandwith with our distant colonies, limit administrative errors and facilitate translations for communicating with hypothetical new species, the Zotialith Agglomerate has decided to shorten its name to Zot.

This also settles an ancient debate, since the People of Maz have been arguing over being part of an “Aggregate” or an “Agglomerate” for almost two centuries.

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2210.04.20 - Zot Cluster, Mazov Central

The People of Maz are mostly satisfied with their government. Ockten Komplinart has been reelected as our Presiding Speaker for another decade, this time with the promise of developing new housing districts.

2210.02.19 - Surveyed system, Kathea

We have encountered alien explorers in Kathea, a system we were planning to claim, on the opposite side of the Prime Animus territory. We will call them "Zeta Aliens" until we learn more about them.

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Space communists win! I'm not very surprised, are you?

However, there's a noticeable interest in the good old capitalist agenda, so while our civilization will have strong egalitarian values, it will probably be open to various commercial activities. It should also behave mostly peacefully, though the slight possibility of going full genocidal exists.

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@ice I voted for ad agency more because it sounds like a fun opportunity for over the top parody. I'd suggest that the space communists have a very good PR(opaganda) department?

@tmpvoid Yeah, that would definitely be top parody material! I’ll keep the idea for a future playthrough, since the game has a dedicated extension to play megacorps, there are plenty of possibilities to explore.

And regarding the propaganda department, I totally agree, I came to the same conclusion :)

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