Hey Fediverse, I’d like to start a slow-paced micro fiction experiment with input from the community. I’d play Stellaris (a grand strategy space empire sim) and post regular updates about how everything goes horribly wrong in my galaxy, with polls to help me take important decisions.

What kind of civilization would you like to see boldly go where no man has gone before? (suggestions welcome.)


Space communists win! I'm not very surprised, are you?

However, there's a noticeable interest in the good old capitalist agenda, so while our civilization will have strong egalitarian values, it will probably be open to various commercial activities. It should also behave mostly peacefully, though the slight possibility of going full genocidal exists.

@ice I voted for ad agency more because it sounds like a fun opportunity for over the top parody. I'd suggest that the space communists have a very good PR(opaganda) department?

@tmpvoid Yeah, that would definitely be top parody material! I’ll keep the idea for a future playthrough, since the game has a dedicated extension to play megacorps, there are plenty of possibilities to explore.

And regarding the propaganda department, I totally agree, I came to the same conclusion :)

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