is mostly ambient, made with a bit of vibrato and tons of delay. Not much trouble, in fact.

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has so much delay and reverb that it's basically one big drone. I think "Depth" is a fitting title. It was nice drowning into this while recording it.

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is the end. That's it, I did it. Yay. Hooray. This was exhausting and delightful. And I learned a lot, ending the month (a bit late, I know) with something close to what I aimed for when I started. Walls of noise with a hint of harmony. And it's time to sleep, indeed, even if I still have to decide what to do with all these tracks.

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So what should I do with my 30 tracks?

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@deianeira Thanks! It’s MOD ( running on a Zynthian (, applied to a Rammerdrum 9” played live with a contact mic. It shouldn’t be very hard to make something similar with any DAW, you just need lots of delay and reverb. But if you’re looking for live effects, a Zynthian is great, it’s pretty much a cheap and infinite stompbox. I haven’t tried real MOD devices but they also look very good (and more expensive).

@ice Thank you for sharing. Unfortunately I've burned my wallet on enough delay and reverb pedals to last me ten lifetimes. Always intrigued by new options, though. ;)

@deianeira No problem :) If you're on a budget you could probably try Zynthian OS on an old laptop or in a VM environment, it's free and mostly open source. Or on a Raspberry Pi, of course. The Zynthian box is a nice addition but it isn't required to run the software. Some people build very cheap DIY cases:

@0gust1 Thanks! I think it works well with the current weather and my low energy level :)

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