I feel alive when the tiny bubbling sound of solder melting in a LED socket disturbs the silence of a cold winter night.

I wanted to get in the mood before attempting that probably excruciating Pro Micro USB repair. Then I remembered the bag of LEDs I had chosen long ago for my WhiteFox, waiting for my confidence to reach sufficient level. So I spent the evening installing them.

First, I did a bit of cleaning, then I started to work one row at a time, using tape to keep the LEDs in place, and testing each row before and after soldering.

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And here’s the result. Turns out it was pretty easy, except for a few LEDs that needed to be better aligned with their switch once soldered.

Now I have to figure out how to calm down the mesmerizing animated breathing lights patterns, because it defaults to some real blinding fireworks, even if it’s only white LEDs. I’d be happy with just a subtle backlight to brighten the dark winter days.

I’ll try to post a small video of the blinking stuff later.

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So since I've added LEDs I now own a highly distracting keyboard that can't stop begging for attention unless turned off. I guess I now have to learn how to code more subtle lighting patterns.

@ice A real beaut!

I've considered populating the LED sockets on a couple of my keyboard builds before, and tbh, this is exactly what I'm worried about

They look great, but I feel like I want the keyboard to sort of "disappear" when I'm actually using it

@gaeel In my case I've reflashed it with the QMK firmware, so it's open and totally possible to hack the visualizer, except I don't understand the language enough to do that.

I've found a solution that defaults to a simple non-animated lighting, and I can easily control the intensity levels so it's great, but I'd love to be also able to toggle various fancy effects when I want. For now I'm stuck with all or nothing, haha.

@ice I've only really touched the layouts in QMK, and it was a while ago and I've just been flashing the same code to all my keyboards ever since, so I won't be much help, lol

If you figure out how, please let me know. I'm tired of having a seizure every time I look at my keyboard.

Cool, I'll look into it later. I'm also getting compile errors trying to make any whitefox keymap. Are you having this problem?

@sm0g I've got tons of them, but generally if you look at the log with enough patience you can figure it out, most of the time it's just a typo. I honestly don't understand most of what I do in QMK and proceed by trial and error and sheer will lol

I'm mostly confused because even the default keymap is failing. I'll check more after work. Thanks.

@sm0g I don't remember what was the issue but I had various problems when I first tried to flash my WhiteFox with QMK. I think I followed a tutorial from Matt3o,on Desktority, then a bunch of posts on GitHub and Reddit.

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