I’ve started to read The City & The City by China Miéville. It’s been ages since I’ve last read some fiction and oh boy it feels absolutely great.

I really liked Perdido Street Station, and this one is quite different. More realistic, since it takes place in our world (or at least, refers to real places) but in a way much weirder.

It starts as a classic murder investigation, and slowly turns into some very symbolic magic realism while keeping a strong naturalist side. I love it so far.

@ice I've read almost every mieville book. Lemme know if you want to nerd out or recs for others to read next :)

@floatvoid Sure! I haven’t read the other Bas-Lag books so I was thinking that maybe I should finish the cycle after this. I picked TC & TC because I saw it was a big influence for Disco Elysium (and yeah it’s pretty obvious so far.) Looking at his bibliography, I think even his non-fiction works might interest me.

@floatvoid I really loved it. It has its flaws, but for me it’s the game of the decade. It made me feel things no other game ever has and pushes the medium further. And yeah, it’s definitely Miéville-inspired. There’s even a skill that allows you to blend with the city and talk to it.

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