I love how these keyboards look, not to mention they are made with through hole components only. No case, no plate, no Pro Micro, everything is soldered on the board.

@glyph So did I, haha. There's a group buy for both, it has been extended until the end of the week: -- I guess it won't be ready before months given the current situation, but at $60 I couldn't resist the Plaid (especially since I already have the keycaps pictured here, and no use for them.)

@ice Thanks for the link! Seems like a great deal and a fun project to build. Do you happen to know where they are based?

@glyph I think they’re in the US. The original creator of the Plaid is in Japan though, but he doesn’t sell the kit at the moment.

@ice I have a difficult decision to make 😅 Thanks again for the links.

@glyph Haha, keyboards always come with difficult decisions. Should I spend so much money when I can get some cheap rubber domes for one tenth of that price? Clicky, linear or tactile? Which switch brand? Should I get some switch testers first? Should I lube switches myself? Which keycap profile? Which plastic? Which color? Which keycaps? Which microcontroller? Do I try to 3D print a case? Why not design my own PCB? Is this eco friendly? Do I really need this? What is the meaning of life?

@ice Too true, haha! That's a big part of why I hardly ever buy anything 😅 Although in this case, I've been wanting to purchase my first mechanical keyboard for a few years and I think it's entirely justified given how much time I spend typing.

I really like the idea of assembling a kit. Seems like that'll be a very fun and fulfilling experience, and I'll be left with a keyboard that feels like it has some of my spirit in it.

I'm leaning towards the split version (sooo nice).

@glyph This kind of split layout is really great, it’s the same than my Levinson (which currently suffers from a broken USB port, and this led me to destroy the microcontroller when I tried to remove it...)

If you have a bit of soldering experience go for it, if not, you may want to build a macro pad first. Personally I’ve never built a through hole keyboard before, it looks slightly more complicated than kits with plates, but it shouldn’t be too hard either.

@ice Oh damn, sorry to hear about the broken microcontroller. What keyboard do you mainly use?

I think I'm going to go for it. I have some soldering experience from working with embedded dev boards, though this will be a step-up for me (in a good way).

I'll try to do the build when I am visiting my father in England. He has worked in electronics for decades and can help me if I have trouble. Plus, it'll be fun to geek out about the keyboard with him :)

@glyph I have a WhiteFox and a Levinson. The WhiteFox is sturdy and a joy to use, but I miss the ortholinear layout of the Levinson. My excuse to get a Plaid is that I’d like to replace my broken Levinson’s Pro Micro with a Proton C, except it doesn’t support split keyboards yet.

Seems like you’re more experienced than me regarding soldering, not to mention your dad, so it should be a great project for you! Feel free to ask, I’m no expert but I know a few things about switches and keycaps :)

@ice Do you mind if I ask you some keycap questions in the days / weeks ahead?

@ice I love this board. Every time I see it I geek out so hard.

@sm0g I ordered a Plaid kit, but it probably won’t arrive before months. Looks like a great project to learn a bit more how a PCB works, and I love its aesthetics.

@ice love the aesthetics, but 60 dollars for a pcb and a keyboard controller seems like a lot.

@falt_ Sadly, DIY keyboards are often way more expensive than this.

What's their name? Can one purchase the PCBs?

@ultem Plaid and Lattice, there's a description if you hover the images. There was a group buy here, not sure about its current status:

Thanks! And apologies, I think descriptions don't work on Pleroma.
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