Here's my entry that does not use HyperCard, but still includes 1-bit gradients and Apple II cursors and fonts.

It's a kind of voxellated emotion-based isometric fortune cookie simulator. Or maybe a roguelike without combat where nothing happens but randomly suggested feelings. I don't know, but I like it, and I really learned a lot while making it. I might even make an actual game out of this.

I've updated the Linux and macOS versions of my entry. It works on Linux (tested it on Pop! OS) but I'm not sure if it does or not on macOS.

@ice works on debian 10!
got some really doomy fortunes

@npisanti Awesome, thanks! Results are supposed to be random and in equally positive and negative proportions, I guess we’re all actually doomed then :)

@ice just the first was "awe", i don't remember the middle ones but it ended in "resignation, misery"

@npisanti The words come from a list of emotions classification. But yeah, sometimes the story they tell, no matter how minimal, is kind of chilling, haha. I should take a closer look because now I think about it, there could be a bit more negative than positive emotions. At first I wanted to use actual fortune cookie quotes, but they all sounded really stupid, so I went the more dramatic way.

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