I've found a Shard of Truth and it's

ULY, 2, C6

... and I've no idea what to do with it, but it was great finding it.


@cblgh @raelzero Could be coordinates of some kind, but we’d need more to see if a pattern emerges.

@strstr @ice @raelzero oho! that means lectronice has ARE, and i have YOU which means we now have

1. YOU
2. ARE
3. **
4. **

@cblgh @strstr @raelzero @zvava Haha, very nice! But it seems the last word has already been found if you look at the previous conversation. Neat concept, it’s a great idea to add this kind of meta multiplayer component, not to mention the solution itself illustrates this point perfectly :)

@ice @cblgh @strstr @raelzero the solution wasn't all that legit in the previous thread though :3

@zvava @cblgh @strstr @raelzero TBH I thought about looking at the source and wondered if it was supposed to be part of solution or not, since many people here are used to look at code all day long :)

@cblgh @zvava @strstr @raelzero And you're right! I did it inadvertently when browsing the thread, I wasn't sure what I'll find here (and I'm still not 100% sure, in fact.)

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