So, I’ve installed a minimal version of Manjaro with Awesome WM on my main workstation. Now I have to understand how to customize this insanely customizable tiling windows manager without breaking everything. And more importantly, I also need to figure out how to detect my wi-fi dongle, because no network would be slightly inconvenient.

I thought installing that darn wi-fi adapter driver would be a long and painful road that would end up in frustration and despair, but the Manjaro community is full of lovely people who write detailed guides about such esoteric matters, so after a few tries and a bit of research, it worked. Now, let's see if I can install a custom theme...

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@ice minimal system requiring maximal effort to use seems counter-intuitive

@dualhammers I'd say this is the realm of arcane Linux stuff most sane users would flee, but I'm not a sane user. To be fair, it works perfectly out-of-the box, the problem is I'm using an obscure wi-fi dongle and I also feel the need to tweak everything endlessly. I've chosen the minimal edition because it doesn't include a bunch of apps I'd probably end up removing. On the other hand, maybe it also doesn't include the driver I need... Definitely counter-intuitive :)

@ice fair enough. I've been using XCFE and I appreciate the maturity and speed of the tools. Audacious is almost as light as cmus

@dualhammers Yeah it's a neat desktop, streamlined and efficient. I don't know Audacious, I'll have to take a look.

@ice it's xcfe's built in audio program. I think I prefer the simplicity and look of cmus UI but it has some nice features

@ice If configuring awesome becomes too much of a burden, I highly recommend Regolith as a desktop. It’s a pre-configured i3wm- gaps that got me up and running a lot faster than anything else. Really enjoying it so far!

@rostiger It looks pretty solid and well designed, thanks for the recommendation! I’m slowly getting the hang of my distro, I’ve managed to install a few themes without breaking anything yet. This minimal edition is indeed very minimal, and I’m learning a lot adding various packages. It’s almost an OS you’re buildings yourself at this point, not as bare as Arch, but close. I’ll definitely try Regolith if I botch my install :)

@ice The nice thing is that Regolith is not a distro, just a couple of pre-configured packages to work as your desktop environment. So I'm running Ubuntu, but installed Regolith as my desktop. When logging in, there is a little cogwheel next to the username where you can choose the desktop environment. This way you can easily test out/switch around desktops without changing your distro, loosing your files or your configurations. It's pretty neat!

@rostiger I was pretty close to format my partition and install it half an hour ago because of a (stupid) network issue :)

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