Windows: updates anytime without your consent, breaks for no apparent reason, pushes features you didn't ask for in an opaque and shady way. You pay for it.

Linux: updates what you want, when you want, breaks if you don't know what you're doing, but you can learn how everything works. You don't pay for it.

@ice i’ve been using Linux for around 20 years and I know I have no hope of understanding all of the parts of a Linux desktop. and they break all the time, uncontrollably :(


People at my work: The problem is if you want to really do anything productive you have to use Windows because theres no software for Linux or Mac.

Me: *has not had windows since xp*


People at work: see all these in house tools we have, you couldn’t write those on a Linux machine, its just not got the tools.

Me: I wrote all those tools on my arch box, I just give you all untested windows builds.

@big_chip Most people don't like change, not even the idea of change, I guess. They find excuses all the time to not try anything perceived as too complicated, thinking they can't learn. But when you think you can learn, with an open mindset, you can learn pretty much anything, at least in my experience.

@ice I guess we are all guilty of this to some degree although I like to think I’m fairly open minded to learning new stuff. The thing that strikes me odd is when people dismiss things for outdated and entirely incorrect assumptions. One I hear often is that a mac has no right click menu, wat?

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