adventures, episode 427.

I gave up on my Manjaro + Awesome WM install when I finally understood the image had messed up permissions that were causing small but endless issues. I ended up with a minimal Ubuntu with Regolith, thanks to @rostiger's suggestion.

I absolutely love its philosophy, where stark minimalism leads to real efficiency. What strikes me the most is its centralized, distraction-free notification system. I wish every other OS had this feature, it's truly life-changing.

@ice @rostiger
I don't have any notification system at all right now. Is this something interesting enough to potentially beat that?

@s_ol @ice I haven't actively used it much yet, but it's unobtrusive and works like the dmenu. Simple and nice.

@rostiger @s_ol I work remotely with various people using mail/discord/slack etc. so I need to get notified when someone sends me a message, but I really like how in this case, it’s just a small unobtrusive number, common to all apps, with no popping message, sound or even color. You check manually a centralized list that displays previews of all messages for all app instead of being assaulted by constant nagging, and I find this really soothing.

@ice Hey, glad to hear it works for you as well!
It strikes me as particularly surprising that I'm still pretty much using its vanilla version except for some light customization.
I'm sure I'll adapt it more over time, but this is kind of a first for me.

@rostiger I struggled to add a clock in the bar because I was looking at outdated docs and using a beta version, but other than that and small cosmetic tweaks I also don’t feel the need to make any other change. It just all fit together very nicely.

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