Update Ubuntu: get graphic glitches on a few programs, including your web browser.

Update the GPU drivers: no more glitches! Actually... yes, but different. And worse. Bonus: forced lower resolution on your second monitor.

Downgrade, tweak various stuff, get same result. Several times.

Manually create and edit a bunch of obscure display configuration files, break everything.

Use recovery mode and repair what you’ve just broken.

Curl in a ball on the floor. Reconsider life choices.


Seems like I’ve managed to fix most graphic issues I had on my Regolith install. Maybe all. I don’t know how exactly, since I’ve reinstalled pretty much everything except Ubuntu itself. My guess is the Nvidia drivers I’ve got from the automated command are not the same than the ones I used before, even if they are supposed to be. This doesn’t explain why I needed these drivers in the first place, since the non-proprietary drivers worked fine in Ubuntu 18, but... I’ll stop complaining. For now :)

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@eel Dual Windows 10 boot on an average gaming desktop with some average Nvidia GPU from a few years ago. I guess I’ll have to dig much deeper into drivers and xorg.conf, or just make one more complete reinstall.

@ice Oh no! Sorry to hear you’re having troubles! I‘ve been there, believe me. Are you on a dual monitor setup?

@rostiger Yes, and it seems to be part of the problem. With the Nouveau drivers, I get small but annoying glitches on tabs, links and other interactive parts. With the Nvidia drivers, these glitches are gone but I get occasional flickering in some windows, making the terminal hard to use, and my second monitor, which is exactly the same than the first, is dubbed as "unknown display" and can’t go higher than 1600x900.

@ice Gah, how annoying! I hope you'll be able to sort it out soon.

@rostiger Thanks! I can't give up on this because I really like Regolith :)

@ice Sorry to hear that :( Nvidia on Linux is just the worst. I hope you figure it out soon!

@gueorgui Thanks! Hopefully I'm getting better at the Linux game, even if I'm far from understanding everything yet :)

@ice Hey happy to hear that it worked out! I had to think about you at some point today because somehow my mind was briefly transported back to my first month with Linux. It was painful. D:

@rostiger Every couple of year I grow fed up with Windows, try a new distro and end up breaking it after a few weeks, then giving up because it’s too much of hassle or not as life-changing as I expected. But this time it’s different, the whole workflow and philosophy of a tiling manager feels special and I enjoy learning it. Also, Regolith makes this indeed easier, I’m glad you recommended it!

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