I ordered a kombucha SCOBY (apparently I'm on a try-anything-involving-fermentation spree at the moment.) There was a mismatch and I received some water kefir grains instead. No big deal, I was hesitating between kombucha and kefir.

So I made my first batch last night. It's fermenting right now. It smells pretty good and I'm eager to do all kinds of flavor experiments once I get the process working (which is basically "mix sugar and water, add grains, stir and wait a day or two".)

@ice my favorite ingredients for the second fermentation: ginger, turmeric, chilli. And especially the three together :)

@focus404 That sounds very tasty, I'll have to try this :)

@ice 🙂
Synchronicity !
Did two first batches. Kids are enthusiastic, it's very good.
Left: citrus, dried fig, dried apricot (and black currant from previous batch)
Right: same plus orange, raspberry and black currant

@0gust1 Nice! I don't know yet what I'll use for flavoring but this is giving me a few ideas :)

@ice I just scavenged into forgotten fruit in the freezer (I still have frozen mango to try ^^). Citrus fruit are kind of constants in recipes I read on the net (kefir yeast seems to thrive in acidic environment)

@0gust1 Haha yeah, I have a few frozen fruits to sort as well. I'm currently compiling the tons of sometimes contradictory information I've found on water kefir, I also saw citrus was often used but there's a few cases where it's not needed. I can't remember the reason though, some kind of balance between other ingredients depending on the type of water and sugar. I'll probably end up making a small wiki once I have enough verified data.

@ice codename : "the kefir studies" 😁
I'll post my impressions and findings here. I'll try to compare 24h kefir to 48h kefir (if kids don't drink everything before). For fruits and resulting tastes, I still have some tests to do, but I already have good hunches

@0gust1 Sounds good! (this would make a good album name, haha.) I'll try to do the same, also with different blends of sugar.

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