I wonder how the hell we did manage to invent such a weird thing as industrial soda. It's bad for health, bad for environment, wastes insane amount of water and sustains an awful capitalist culture. It makes no sense.

Water kefir only requires a bit of sugar and water, and reproduces itself endlessly with very little care. You just have to wait a couple of days. You can create your own flavors with fruits and other ingredients, and best of all, you can freely give your extra grains to anyone.

@ice Simiarly, even regular carbonated sodas can be done almost instantly at home with long lasting bottles and tanks with very little hardware. The amount of energy used to move water around in places that have extremely drinkable water is wild.

@grey @ice The tendency of the rate of profit to fall, as Marx put it, is a phenomenon that causes a ton of problems when capitalists try to address it through the theories of capitalism

@dualhammers @grey At his point I tend to see capitalism as a form of religion. It's completely irrational on so many levels... The only reason it "works" is because we're so deeply entangled in its narrative and power structures that most people have very little space left to imagine how anything else could replace it.

@grey Yeah, it's crazy, the water supply chain to produce industrial soda is wild. Huge quantities of water are needed for a much smaller output. It's about as illogical as burning coal to produce electricity for heating purposes.

@ice same epiphany here !
On my side, I restrained a little kefir for kids, as it contains a (very) little alcohol.

Strawberry is great, the taste is well preserved. Black currant give a great color, and contribute to fruity undertones, but I didn't get the real taste of it in the kefir.
Lemon (with zest) gives a kind of floral undertones, very pleasant. This effect is less pronounced with orange.

@0gust1 So far I've tried with dried cranberries, it tasted great (but they were already sweetened.) I've also used cassonade only for another batch, I think it's my favorite so far (though a bit of lemon would probably make it even better.) I also have loads of red currants in my garden to play with. Plenty of ingredients to experiment with :)

@ice ok, thanks, I'll try on my next batch !(dried cranberries and cassonade)

I’ve received the kombucha SCOBY I had initially ordered, I’m eager to see how different it is from water kefir. Kombucha is made with tea and needs a longer fermentation (about one week) and has apparently a stronger, more acidic taste. I’ve read you can even brew coffee kombucha, I love the idea of all theses unusual recipes to experiment with.

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