I've started a zettelkasten a bit more than one month ago. It's life-changing. I wish I had heard about this note-taking method 20 years ago. I could have written down and organized so many ideas in meaningful and useful ways...

I'm already seeing so many connections and possibilities that my mind is bursting with activity. It's a fantastic introspective tool. If you're wondering what the hell it's about, here's best the article I've found on the topic:

@ice this sounds like a really nice way to take notes! I might have to try it too

@louispearson What makes all the difference for me is to write down why I link a note to another. At first it feels strange, but over time you everything becomes more meaningful and logical, even ideas that seem totally unrelated.

@ice what method are you using to record all of it? Paper/computer/etc.?

@louispearson Computer, mostly synced to my personal NextCloud server. Depending on the device I’m using I sometimes edit notes directly in NextCloud, or I use iA Writer on iOS. But Obsidian is much better for handling links (and free.) Zettlr is also quite good, and some TiddlyWiki versions like TiddlyRoam or Stroll are worth a try.

@ice yeah, I recently read through "How to take Smart Notes" as well, it's incredible! What are you taking your notes in right now? I'm writing them down in Obsidian for the moment, waiting for their mobile apple to release.

@awalvie I use Obsidian as well! I’ve also used Zettlr, but Obsidian’s UI is better IMO. And TiddlyWiki for some specific projects, to share them easily (TiddlyRoam / Stroll). For mobile I use iA Writer but it doesn’t support internal links, so I’m also eager to get Obsidian mobile version.

@ice I’ve been learning how to use emacs just so I can get into org-roam, it seems like a proper game changer

@tomupom Yeah, org-roam seems to be a great solution for a zettelkasten. Personally Obsidian suits my needs very well, but there’s tons of similar tools. I think anything can do, it just needs to fit your workflow so you can make the method your own.

@ice this actually looks pretty good. I just started thinking about how to organise notes and wikis so will take some queues from this.

@big_chip Personally I’ve found that commenting each link to explain why a new note is meaningful and related to one older note (or more) makes a huge difference. It really helps to better understand what you’ve just written and sheds a new light on what you’ve written earlier.

@ice I have been ruminating on this for a couple of days and I actually live the idea of adding context to links. Looking at writing my own note taking tool soon and this is definitely going to be on the features list.

@big_chip I'd love to add this to my own text editor thing, but I have no idea how to implement decent markdown parsing or internal links, and at the moment I have no time to look into it, so I'm using Obsidian and I'm pretty happy with it.

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