A friend sent me their graphic novel script, asking for feedback. It's a solid cop vs serial killer story with a supernatural mood.

However, it's set in a country they see as "exotic" (by Western standards.) The story takes place 30 years in a future that looks like a bland, fantasied 90s version of this country, because... they want the exoticism without taking any political stance.

They make sci-fi to avoid politics.

It's set in Brazil.

I'm so mad I don't know how to stay polite.

@ice sci-fi to avoid politics is the worst kind of sci-fi >< the whole point of it (to me) is that sci-fi enables you to tackle topics that would be "too close" to discuss in a current time story. This is missing the point :(

@electret Definitely. I think sci-fi can't exist without distorting the present through a few exacerbated technological or societal features, shedding a new light on our actual society in the process, or at least attempting to do so. Otherwise, it's just a gimmick.

In their story, they don't have any detail supporting the fact it's set in 2050. In 30 years, there was no war, no technological or cultural revolution, no climatic disaster, not even "futuristic" aesthetics of any kind.

@ice well, if it happens in Brazil and they take a political stance, the serial killer is also a cop. 😂 😭

@ice Decades of propaganda to make look all Latin America look bad :/

I guess the most productive thing we can do is to vent among us, take a deep breath and explain them our countries to enrich their perspective

Some citizens are just victims of years of propaganda by their govs to hide their own mismanagement

@grafofilia Yeah, here Brazil is just a convenient place for their story because it supposedly has corrupt cops, drug cartels, slums, violent gang culture, a manly tropical vibe, and old cursed temples in the jungle.

It's really the embodiment of every possible cliché and archetype blended together for Western consumption, pretty much like cowboys, natives and bandits in the US or any other predigested modern folklore.

@ice this is why sensitivity readers are an impotence.

@big_chip I didn't even know sensitivity readers were a thing, and apparently I'm playing that role, haha. I have zero cultural nor political expertise on Latin America but I've read quite a big amount of sci-fi. Though maybe I'm just a nerd being offended by someone not taking sci-fi seriously?

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