I've bottled my first kombucha tea batch, and the result is delicious. Given the gross appearance of whatever Lovecraftian process took place in the jar, I honestly though it would be similar to a mix of urine and vinegar, but it's perfectly drinkable and enjoyable. Sweet but acidic, and slightly sparkly, the taste is unique and subtle, and it's not even flavored with fruit or juice yet. I think I like it better than water kefir.

Next step: kombucha coffee.

@ice Nice, I haven't even heard about kombucha coffee!

@ovelny The recipe is exactly the same compared to regular kombucha tea, except you use freshly brewed coffee instead. They just recommend to use a dedicated disc because coffee will taint it and probably alter its taste. Apparently the success rate may also vary depending on how "oily" the coffee is, but they don't say if some specific kind of coffee is better than another. Wait and see :)

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