I've felt the sudden urge to set up a small forum for the Merveilles folks (or anyone interested in it) who'd like a more organized place than Mastodon to discuss and learn the language together. Disclaimer: I'm a total beginner.

Feel free to join and suggest anything (and to boost if you like the idea)

@ice Hey, I have a question:

I got the Toki Pona book only to see it was under a CC+PD license afterwards (description and dictionary, respectively). (Not that I dislike having a physical copy or anything)

I really wonder, is there a good wiki documenting Toki Pona? Where can I find digital version of the book? I think setting up a collaborative wiki containing the info base is quite the priority for a community.

(I haven't started to learn it yet, but I'll also make sure to join your forum afterwards, btw)

@flydelion I think there's a semi-official wiki here: - it seems very documented, apparently it's the old wiki that was previously hosted on Wikipedia (mentioned here:

Regarding the book, it shouldn't be hard to find a digital version on some torrents or e-books sites like b-ok. I'm not sure about the license, looks like only parts of the books are CC. I also find it's a shame it appears to be only available on Amazon/Kindle...

@ice To be fair, the website looked much smaller while I was on mobile. I thought it was inactive.

But still, just creating a fandom doesn't seem like a good long-term solution.

Maybe one day I'll create a federated wiki for it to test that concept, and maybe create a better alternative. I get too many invoices from my VPS provider.

@flydelion A federated wiki sure sounds good. However I’m just starting to look into Toki Pona resources, and I don’t know how big the main online communities are (besides Facebook groups and other places I don’t want to go.) There’s probably a huge quantity of documentation out there already. Anyway yes, I agree a Fandom site is kind of meh, and not appealing to say the least.

@ice confirmation email doesn't seem to be coming through?

@whtrbt Strange, it worked for the others so far. Just in case, it should be I’ve activated you manually.

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